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Doesn't pay a ton gets them to agree to less to try to win more. So for me, I mean, absolutely I think that he has been he's been very good at re-signing some guys and we've talked about this a thousand times like we we have consistently discussed this. Yeah. Bergeron's contract was not I was not under Sweeting, but to me, I mean just reciting some guys been tremendous that and I think that has been a big reason why they've sort of Kind of kept this core going and had this Resurgence in the mid 2010 swear. They just you know, Claude got fired Cassidy came in and the fact that I think the fact that Jack Sweeney didn't blow it all up when you came in as a huge deal or not when you came in but those years I mean they were kind of mediocre. They were missing the Playoffs by a point or to the fact they didn't just say screw it we're going to rebuild the thing is pretty telling and pretty impressive. They didn't pull the plug on Bergeron and create she and Marshon so credit to him for that. I put that under Pros signing off liners Adept pieces. I mean, you know went out and got her lack, you know, you know Joakim Nordstrom was a solid pick up. I think Greg mckegg might be a solid pickup. Is it a lot of 4th Line guys, he's gone out and got that have been it paid dividends and get pieces. You know, you look at look at some of these trade deadline moves, you know, you look at a guy like, you know, Joe Hanson, that's a Thursday. Right. There are coil 3rd liner. Those are great depth pieces. So to me, I mean I look at that and he also lets these 4th liners go with the right times. I mean he let Nola Charlie go out and get his money. He let he let him shower go and get his money. You don't want to pay those guys that much money so he gets the most out of them and let them go I mean credit to him. So that's a pro. So those two Pros the cons to me the trades have been iffy. So you have some good trades. I mean we can look at each trade deadline. So 2016 through 2020. They were in every trade deadline. I think they were contenders. I mean, they they were not sellers of any of these deadlines 2015-16 team was line for a playoff spot. They went out and got John Michael Liles and Lee stempniak who You I mean you just like, oh at least I'm Nick was even that bad that year but clearly not enough 2016-17. They went out Drew Stafford which.

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