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And that's where I really stand. And it seems to me that. Intravenous administration of NASD. Also, not particularly helpful though. It seems quite popular in the sense that I I'm not I haven't seen compelling evidence that giving an intravenously makes its way into the cell either. So I think the development interesting development will be to develop a drug and the drug will be precursor that will get into the blood outside of the liver outside of the liver guy. Exactly. So if you could give an are subtly or intravenously that strikes me as very interesting saying that there's a lot of data in rodents. Where also you look you give it in different ways, you give it summing water, but some are vase, and maybe that's different because one of the problems that maybe if you go deep enough, you can bypass the by circulation ride, you can bike something. So, you know, but the Viva studies are. Good studies. Okay. You just don't know what it means to you men's well narrow time check here we've been we've been going at this for a little while there's a lot more I want to sort of pick your brain on. But we also just sit down into this again sometime I wanna make sure you've said at least as much as you wanna say about metformin because I think that to me is, you know, you're you're at this point, arguably one of the world's experts on a drug that just to put this in perspective. I think Lou Canley who's obviously a close mutual friend of ours. And James Watson who I don't know. Personally, have both said quite publicly that metformin may have already saved more patients lives from cancer than all other cancer drugs combined or something to that effect. This is a drug that I think with each passing day more and more people are beginning to learn about beginning to ask questions about. And my hope is that if nothing else this podcast is a place that people can listen to this episode if they. Can't go and read sixteen of your papers. And they don't necessarily want to get you know, that far down the rabbit hole. But to hear it from you and not for me or some other schmuck who doesn't know much. I wanna make sure that if there's anything else, you wanna say about metformin that that you say so and so is there anything else that you want to add let me do one truck tickle thing in one a little bit more philosophical..

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