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That's three rules in in any part of life ever. It was last. I mean you know people can get over all kinds of things you know what I'm saying but those were the things that let me know that it's just Kinda like when thing you know what you did like. It's every instance if arguing girls on the show like silent man media argument right now right we are but I have. I really have no hate him for to be honest with you. I really was. I respect her really in which he's done what she's accomplished but she gets on my nerves sometimes and we aren't you've known in San but you guys are yes. Yeah Okay but in this situation it was just more so it went way too far in not only was it. You try to shreds my name. Put me like the whole movement. That's going on about stuff like that. Now when people talk about drugging people okay. That's that's that's a real name notes me to that. So that was the whole thing in itself but she never. She never was like nuts. Me Why.

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