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The last couple of years all right the seventh pick. This is where things start to get interesting. You look at the detroit. Lions and the report comes out that they are open to trading matthew stafford. So that means to me. They're very much in the quarterback market. And i would not even be shocked if they tried to move up. You look at a team like miami at pick number three bucks. That could be a destination for them to try and get up to make sure they get a quarterback they like in this scenario. They sit right where they are. Justin field from ohio state falls right in her lap. I think this is interesting is especially interesting that we look at the composition of their coaching staff. Anthony lynn coming over the of coordinator day campbell talking about being kind of a little horn team. I think you will see a run. I see as in feels throws into the position. But also look for the detroit to may be signed. A ridge quarterback maybe quarterback is tyrod. Say they don't know if he likes to bite kneecaps. I think it's a good fit there. Dan campbell all right. Let's get to pick number eight carolina panthers. I think they would have been very interested to look at a quarterback former to fall. We have four quarterbacks on in the first seven picks so they're out of. I don't think anybody they can take their matt mack jones. I think it's a little early for that. One there So i have them go with the tackle big pook a suicide oregon to the panthers at number eight. Yeah i liked it. I liked that because one thing that we know about maverick. He won't say tough and physical football team. They were unable to impose their will consistently on a you get a sewer to insert into that offense align you get christian mccaffrey back man you. The carolina panthers played the style. That rule really wants to play down in charlotte. Are we get to the ninth. Pick the denver. Broncos we got him going caleb farley here big corner out of virginia tech i i believe is the best in the draft book to me. I think is one of the five best players in the draft. He's outstanding opted out this last year. Big long fast physical with outstanding ball skills. You don't have to look any further than the afc championship game to not how you have to construct your team. You're in this division. The denver broncos you gotta deal with against the chiefs twice a year. You better have a stable of quarterbacks kayla farley gives a big physical player to maybe snuff out some of the speed and explosiveness that can't cheese can present with their wide receiver core night last. Pick here in the top ten. Let's go dallas cowboys. Let's stick with the cornerback theme here. Patrick. 'certain some people believes the top quarterback. He's one or two depending on where you talk to but big talented again long. Instinctive corner from alabama. Maybe the short area quickness not quite at the level with with farley. That's the only difference to me..

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