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And then dry. Your eyes on a thinks on the second album you know I mean these are pretty soppy sophie so. You know. What does he call rap project? I think he's his name for the streets you know He. He Kuma attention while later. When did this conversation with the philosopher? John Gray, which is still. While you know from original part material to conversation with with. Bookstore dogs. It's just a really intellectually curious going. I did think competes blues was was really good I think a good things on the other albums, but he's still he still interesting. He mentioned Tang in that. Interview with Gavin. Just wanted to. Own Pass on the I watched the way tying documentary on sky documentaries I. Don't know if you've seen Cheryl you saying it. It's really good, actually annecy They were an influence to some degree on him, but I really recommend it. I think it debuted on American TV. SHOWTIME HBO Lost Give It's finally come here. It's in two parts, so it's two hours. If you've got a chance to see it, it's. Down I. Mean What what Fascinating Group of characters. And some of them have really charming. Just, not rebel. Our encounter with him in San Francisco. Do, I will never forget. Searches through this is the first time mark I ever went to America. On pages business and we were the San Francisco unless something he remembered I was aware that the Rizza was was sitting across from the white thing lounge, and then I realized that there will. I think he struck up a conversation with you gold we'll. He claimed to have met me. No you. Thinks Oh. Like. I know, you know. It was very funny anyway. That was a tangent tangent. He's called of Mikes and men. The thing I like about the streets and Mike Skinner. He lose to talks about in that interview. Clip is about how realness isn't real mess. It's just being genuine and an and it varies from context to context, and I think a lot of people don't get by when you know British rockers who here American rap. Rap while I've got to do the English version of that. That's not that's not the case. Is that go to do the thing that's relevant to your own context? And then then it'll make sense. It'll be authentic other than like it cannot be and I think that's one of the things that always shine through with with his stuff is that it is just just what he thinks and it's genuine. I comrades with interesting people this at least one track on this new mix tape album. He's done with time. Paula who we've talked a bit about on the podcast, not so where the dust penalties falsifying statistics weeks, but they the album, which has a long nine. Goal remember now is out this week, so that's that's the streets. Let's get to the Negro. Shooting reminds me and my thirsty plot unique. Dana Feeling Tony points to the sky. Feel free. Polo Lico. For behind me, swimming the tape say Coalfield Suelas. Smiles all easy. Lay from Sean Story. This is when we talk about new new pieces in the library. We say Cheryl please just stick around and jump in the mood takes, you feel you wanna say something about any of the mall and Jasper GonNa, Mention just just pitch in. We'll first pieces Hugh Nolan disc, music teco twenty fourth June nine, hundred, sixty, seven and. And he goes down to you. Folks ufo The hippest Hippie Club in London's especially a brief pulse, and he says what other clubs give constant light shows far out movies ragent from avant-garde American to vintage Lugosi horror I've got jazz groups, the latest sounds and pop straight six, freaking out having their addresses cutoff and the author of the original suzy cream cheese as Your presentation. Of? Take your jacket off. It's fantastic because Mitt firemen. The late McFarland is one of our Isis, the dolman that you back then moving fourteen, hundred sixty nine. Times George Harrison's by Ritchie Yorke. Says it's pretty interesting. Firstly he he's asked about why the Beatles of stopped playing live, and says you know we formed the whole time, probably in my opinion, anyway we've reached our peak in Hamburg, so he reckons the best is the life ban when they were playing in Hamburg before they were making records, and he says when we came back to England last time per gig. We regarded as a new thing, but already were was the past brought back. It's funny when you think about it. And then he says just bring up. The current is in a way. Revolution number nine was alright if it wasn't particular. Beatles source of thing. Can sometimes I feel like a spy? Just beetle? When there's a much greater jobs done in the world, it's it's a very. Short, Harrison is. Articulate and quite interesting man. My favorite Basil I was. Always, been my favorite. Cheryl favorite people. My cousins made me choose between the Beatles and the stones very early on I was about six. To be recognized FELICIA. To fight with. The, it was like I, had to choose, and I chose the stones actually. Yeah me, too. I think mark and I will say this. I chose the Beatles until. February may nine hundred sixty. Eight of the stones came on top of the POPs Promo video with face paint on doing jumping Jack Flash then I just moved the other side that that single things. I choose the Beatles. Sorry chaps all right. Of Yoko Ono and she does this thing when you go into a house where she leaves you in the room with the white piano, and she came back, and I was in the hall, looking at her paintings, and she was like, but the piano and I was like. I really have come to interview you and she was just so. What meaning? You know she couldn't believe I wasn't really sure to to look at the piano. Touch of the places where. Argo be far more interested in her work than his actually, yes. Along that generation where the Beatles really didn't mean that much t rex was my first great love music after device it rollers course. Have you on another talented. Okay nine hundred seventy three. This is Lillian. Russell The New York Sunday News into getting on the phone. All Green and Green Kentucky seducer on the phone. Just falls in love with him and he he's he's great. Dahlan, there are no tricks to life special formula. I'm not something you pick up and wine tight. On WHO TOMLIN PAYMENT! I, look in the mirror as I talked to you and I. See the face of a command some really good. Just got the lately Robson on board. Thanks to her niece. I'm finding her writing revelation. She's such a good writer. Talk. Bill! Into these buck owens the times and eighty nine. He's talking about how much he hated. Way Country Music. So sick of what music turned into I, tried to compromise to be quite blunt. It made me gag. Of course was was you would have known imagine through the face Cheryl but Before Michael.

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