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Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce discussed on Even the Rich



And vulnerable and nervous and scared. You have to find a person. You can make it through the tough times with Bay. She found her person yeah. I. Do believe they really love each other. Their marriage is not a cold blooded business deal, but there's always a but with rich. Rich people, but their marriage is like a small business and Jay is ready to take on the challenge at the end of two thousand seven Gypsies run as the president of DEF JAM records ends after three years. He steps down his so called retirement as a musician barely happened now. He's done being record executive even though he had some success like discovering. And helping Kanye West blow up, he only gives himself a be for his performance as head of Def Jam, now with a new decade on the horizon, and beyond say on his arm Jay's got a new business to focus on the business of being the first couple of hip hop. Jay Z and beyonce incorporated you know it, but merging their empires and leaving their past behind is going to be harder than they think..

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