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A good old fashioned is the piped in Bing Crosby Carole as you go to the mall and I'm jostle the mall for a bit because we went to see a movie that was the deal she said I got to go see once the queen and slim what's that I'm not that is an incredible movie African American couple on their first date gets pulled over by a kid from get out get out I forget it they're not altercation aliens of shooting the police officer not give anything away this is all about the trailer it's based on the run it's it's in particular they call it in the preview this and I think it's a little bit about the modern day Bonnie and Clyde yeah but it is heavy it is not in queens first day takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulled him over for a minor traffic violation of the situation escalates slim takes the officer's gun shoots in self defense LA always popular the media's slimming queen feel they have no choice but to go on the run made the law when a video of the encyclical the unwitting Ellison become a symbol of trauma terror and grief and pain for people to have a movie and I recommend domination I'm definitely going to see it because I'm interested in I heard it's really good but I'm also fascinated mark that they apparently there's one part of the movie where this young couple their on the run like cups and they're hiding from the authorities and one thing leads to another they wind up and flees house from the Red Hot Chili Peppers also there's fully he's harboring a couple of of what would you call these guys I want to give it away but it's it's it's a house my boy fleet if he's really good okay he was a huge role was real good yeah could step copes Pelor give me your I mean yeah it kinda sucks I don't I don't show the same central if you that like far hunt had this time to make a big move this is what he was supposed to do we talked about this he didn't do this in a way he didn't want make big splash free agent signings I can't I don't I think the biggest country to give out was a Kelly Jansen Laura Clayton Kershaw extension I don't think he ever went out and made a big splash any trades but he did the same for you I'm not looking for I don't want to just break the bank inside Bryce Harper I wanted creative three team trade what he didn't do that before so why do you think that's where you you don't think they didn't they make trades on three team trying to three team that a creative trade I was just being referred okay so playing his GM really excited three T. don't think he made a creative trade at the deadline to get rid of the mall Anson contract yeah I was getting ready good I'd say that he just backed up by dumping pelo I I agree one of the guys you went and got for nothing yeah that was a creative trick yeah and they don't yeah it was really it in and he's like it's almost like a dog chasing its own tail trend I'll think of stuff all the time I don't agree none of these guys who he has on the feel rushed right now can play other than yes that's the only I can play I don't can't play Slater can't play haven't seen enough of Duggar to see your I may I'll be generous okay I just but I'm I just didn't like what I see on the shoulder injury he he injured is sliding into second stretch in a double the first time second time it was making a diving catch I do it could be a bad thing yeah and if it is a place where we've seen things later yeah I Jaylen Davis your it's it adds hope she to you once controllable twenty four twenty five year old because he's running at like the rays are the age you got much nine million or nine point five million or whatever for one year for Kevin pull our just because I got one you're closer to the grave I want to go on watch baseball you and rock one more yeah.

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