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With them who have high Jerry high level technology available to see who's out there in the field. The UN report called on nations to arrest quote persons alleged to have committed order to have committed the international crimes unquote or to seek their extradition. They went also demanded Israel immediately lift the blockade on Gaza. Israel's acting foreign minister dismiss the reporters theater of the absurd. However, grieving Palestinians welcomed the report, including Riad, you've whose teenage son Hamad was killed during the Gaza protests. Hitmen you're happy that someone is supporting Gaza's children, and we are happy that they're supporting us to defend Gaza's children and youth in Gaza against the crimes committed by the occupation. The UN report was issued Thursday the same day. Israel's attorney general announced. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing an indictment on charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust for more. We're joined by two guests. Sara Hussain is a member of the UN independent commission that led the Gaza investigation. She's also barrister practising in the supreme court of Bangladesh. She joins us from Dhaka Bangladesh and here in New York scholar. Norman Finkelstein author of many books, including Gaza an inquest into its martyrdom. We welcome you both to democracy now. Sarah, Hossain, let's begin with you tell us about the most significant findings of your report and how this report came into being. I couldn't hear them. Please explain the findings of the report..

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