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Special election for the Ohio's twelfth congressional district democratic candidate Danny O'Connor talk, to supporters and promised that no matter what the result is the fight will continue to the. November election, house the. House we made our case for change Make that case tomorrow Shopping now tomorrow we rest and that we keep fighting, through November, Republican candidate ROY Balderstone thanked President Trump for his support and emphasized that America is, on the right path and he intends to keep. It going that way Carter ran a race and I, look forward, to campaigning against ten again this ball Democrats were looking for a strong finish in, a district that they have not held for decades The Ohio secretary. Of state says results in, the. Race are too. Close to, call early numbers indicate Troy boulder sins lead over. Danny O'Connor, was by one thousand, seven hundred fifty four votes uncounted. Ballots could shift the race Ohio secretary of State John said has, posted some. Figures to, Twitter about the. Race he says county wards of elections reported three thousand four hundred thirty five, provisional ballots were cast and there are five thousand forty eight outstanding ballots he says Houston points out elections. Boards cannot begin counting, the ballots until. The eleventh day after the elections he's careful to say the procedures and deadlines. Are the same after every election and established by state law Jared news NewsRadio. Six ten WTVN Columbus police officer accused of paying for sex while on duty has been fired cities public safety director agreed with the police chiefs recommendation to get rid of officer Randall Mayhew. Three, women have accused Mayhew paying them for sex while he was in uniform and on duty in internal affairs Investigation ended with Mayhew being charged criminally but that was dropped a Mayhew pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty Up next, Joe Riley meteorologist, Andrew buck Michael with your ABC six first warning forecast five thirty. Six on NewsRadio six ten, WTVN hi.

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