Bray, Alexa Bliss, Alexa discussed on Mouthpiece Wrestling Podcast


Alexa Bliss her bunches backing you know and she was standing out in like was broke Shouted smash the Mug. Alexa with Bray. Maybe. I mean that's That's pretty cool. It's an aesthetic. Of, storyline that people aren't understanding anybody that's got into contact with Bray, why it had reverted to their old game. Do you think we're going to get like rains in a suit like he was on Annex T. Forget is he was a he'll. He'll. Florida Championship. Team. Anybody that Conscience Bray Y. When they're going with their feud Dave, somehow come out of it with their old gimmick. What this is awesome. She's pink ponytail together bronze. Now walking around throwing things and being big old scary monster guy again film bow and back. Then our. Back, literally went back to. St. Act Being Valor. Seth Wayne he'll again. Going back to Morrison. Mesa. Getting O'Brien. was because he caught his.

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