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You have been and were heartbroken for for from that moment till now, and I will go one further even it's not that we think that the person necessarily should've beaten who won. It's not even necessarily the person was nominated. It's a single performance movie director that just to you deserve to win an award that year, no matter who was up against it's not about who lost her one. It's just that for you. This is the one that you would have willed to an Oscar, and I'm gonna go first. And if you if you know me well enough, you know, this is my pick. And it's always my pick. And it will be till the day. I'd I two thousand one Julia Roberts. Erin Brockovich beats out Ellen Burstein for requiem for a dream. Maybe maybe the greatest female performance have ever seen onscreen. She's pretty amazing. She is absolutely wonderful. She is she does everything from gaining and losing weight. She looks absolutely crazy. I mean, they did this wide shot where aaronow ski step back, and he took a wall off a house, essentially, and she does that cleaning scene. She just goes. And she cleans the set for like hours, and then they speed it up. And she does this and you see at the end of the movie, and she's so crazy like from the from the first time you see her to the last time you see her. And then there's also the scene in the middle with her Jared Leto where you see that she starts to take the pills, and you kind of see their brain starting go like, yeah, it is horrifying it is haunting it's just I have I've never seen a performance in a movie where I've just watched. And I've been like that is the definition that is truly what maybe the greatest and highest caliber of acting is her in that movie isn't the talk show host shooter mcgavin, it is it is it we got to win..

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