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Farro jaanus goes in plays the Lakers. I'd take Lebron as MVP on a second but that's not going to happen. You on is going to win. Unless you're honest you know just sits out the last twelve games of the year which even then. I think he'd win but it is interesting when I hear people say I watch the sixty minutes piece about three years ago and honest maybe two years ago on sixty minutes. He's the next Lebron. So he's never gonNA be Lebron. Forget the game. Forget the game. International players. Don't think like American players and I was telling people this morning is Lebron grow up in America. He's aggressive politically about American politics. He's aggressive in terms of recruiting players. He's aggressive in terms of mobility. He's aggressive in terms of business. He is willing to play the victim. A lot of times with international players. They don't feel that way. Rick Bugler was on our show the other day talking about Akeem played with Houston for seventeen years and dirk played with the mavs for twenty years and Yana said I don't want to leave. They don't sometimes come to American. Think it's mine and I'm going to be aggressive and I'm going to talk about politics and I'm going to be. It's very possible. They don't the players from other countries that come to America. Don't see the world like that and bucur talked about that name a single international player who has expressed dissatisfaction with where he is and his forced his way to another team. A great player. I mean you look at Dirk you look at POW Casale. Tim Duncan Minute Tony. Down the line of all the great international players who have made who have been made cornerstones on NBA teams. They're grateful that an NBA team thinks that highly of them that they would build their team around him. The idea that there they they need to go to play in L. A. or New York or Houston simply is is not in their mindset. The way it is with with American players. Listen Lebron was were willing to be a villain. He's willing to shout out our president. He's willing to be hyper mobile. And hypol- aggressive hyper aggressive. I'm not so sure. Yana sees the world that way and You know I so when I hear the next. Lebron Lebron is so much more than just a basketball player. He has been the face of the League for fifteen years He's a better player than Jaanus. But it's more than that Lebron to be iconic He's been willing to go into the face of some things. I mean it used to be in this league that if you left your team you're a bad guy now because of Lebron if you don't at least consider leaving you're a crazy guy like Paul George is going to stay with. Westbrook CO is. GonNa stay in Canada. Kevin Durant Stand Oklahoma City. Lebron GONNA stay in Cleveland. You're criticized if you don't consider if Janas loses in the eastern conference finals and Chris Middleton struggles. Aren't we all going to go? What are you doing dude bro? Come on go play with better players. Go to Golden State. They were staffed and clay and drama. That's the World Lebron's created the new world in the NBA. I don't see honest. There's a guy that would do that. How Mars the newest resort destination in the bombs just a short flight.

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