Barack Obama, Europe, Andrew Sullivan discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher - Ep. #442: Woody Harrelson, Joy Behar


A one hundred one hundred twenty million votes we lost this thing by seventy thousand votes spread out through three states in the rust belt and of those 70000 some of those people who voted for obama we just got to go back and get those folks we have occurred and that and that's what the book is about our books work by the way i obviously lost control capitalist tippy okay so democrats always say they want to win but i just don't see a lot of soulsearching on some of the issues that might help them forty eight percent of democrats are concerned about immigration and here's what andrew sullivan said this week he said the democrats current position seems to be that the dreamer parents who broke the law or near heroes and their rhetoric the democrats rhetoric is very hard to distinguish from a belief in open borders democrats increasingly seem to suggest that any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens is somehow racist and when you see in europe there's the rise of all these sort of like trump light guys and it's always in countries that were lax on immigration and i think this is an issue democrats have to look in the mirror a little about because i think andrew little bit is not wrong about this uh i here's where i take some exceptions i agree that you beating people up who have some concerns about the of the law being broken and call on the budget names and big and stuff like that is it's not constructive because it keeps us to be able to have an honest conversation but as a matter of strategy.

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