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It's very it's very nice thing but anyway I have Roku in my room and I was watching Making all these calls the Tampa Bay Oriole game so I actually like it. You don't and I and I liked him since I was a little boy and so the Games are easy now. The fact that as I said before they never give the Yankees a getaway day game kills. You kills me kills everyone get into every town at four and. I can't go to sleep right away. I'm up for at least an hour and a half an pack and the poor little drink and and relax. He takes me a long time. And so that's the tough part. The four in the morning as the top part the easiest things the games. And you know it's great with the Yanks the bigger the game The more you like it because it's it's quote unquote important and the Yankees as you know in New York. Everything's a federal case. So you'll I did this on the air yesterday so I can do it with you here. It's expectation and with the Knicks and the jets and the giants. They win game that go crazy. Newspapers talk shows because they never think they're going to win a game. That's why the Yankees are expected to win. And so it makes people always say. What do you think of the Yankee? Red sox rivalry well. It's it's Chris from my mill. It's great for me and any other broadcaster writer because people are paying attention. People are passionate. And that's what you want what? I wanted to tell you the board of governors of the emmys The New York emmys they have. They have a big night. It's GonNa be April eighteenth at the Marriott Marquee plug in grey day by the way birthday and I am getting their number one award. The governor's award also deserves said to me. Something really true. Well you've been so long of course you're going to get it wouldn't have you the. I I've said that you belong there and I hope one day or honoured in Cooperstown in the hall of fame. Is that something you ever think about? Love? I will be as honest as I can. Of course how would you not think it right? It never happened. I don't have the right style guide but if I didn't have the style I wouldn't be. This is my thirty second year the Yankees and I've had nothing but if you're a broadcaster and you're living you know we're not talking about some parachuting into do something that's your living being on the air for radio. Tv Station whatever. You do just Jackie. Whatever it is I have literally had. What would be called great broadcasting jobs for about fifty five years? So if I didn't have that style would have been able to accomplish that so I'm you know I don't think I can tell by a Lotta people that they have brought into the hall of fame. Who have very different styles for mine and Hey Showbiz Showbiz? Maybe we'll make a push for you on the Internet. A little bit shouldn't streak and everything. Yeah I think we can make a pretty good case. You mentioned before before we sat down. You'll have twitter. Obviously you don't go on the Internet and like I forgot the term. You call yourself to lunch. I think you said yours out to lunch. Is anybody out to lunch as much as anyone? Well I'm not I'm not on the Internet. You know the the Crank calls you get first of all. I don't really get they make a call. You know I miss it and I call him right back and you can't reach that number. What are they get out of it? I hooked calls yet. Nothing I guess nothing. Do you get print call from selling a buying whatever right and sometimes I'll get a call and they'll say With this is a call for your visa MasterCard account. I don't have never had visa mastercard so there I can hang up right away and other times. Yes there is a problem with your computer and we hang up right away. Have no computer so I try to keep as as best Iran. But I'm not on the Internet. No I see it again to the podcast. Ah Game I think last year when we were down here you mentioned that you were starting a podcast or your. Yeah I we haven't done much. We're going to do it again soon. Yeah pinstripes and bright lights and what I do is get on. They have the producers who are in in Boston. They'll bring in letters so that I can respond to but for the most part I just till stories and and I hope it works and I did that last year and then during the four days off in the All star break I had said yes. You know the people get you months in advance. And I'm a good guy I say yes then. All of a sudden the day comes on. You gotta get there so I was being paid so I mean I. I should have gotten there and I went. There was a big audience in Westchester. And you know what I did for speech. I did the stories. Joe D story. Ted Williams Story Bob Turley story etcetera etcetera and seemed to go over okay. Everyone loves to hear those stories. I have a terrible voice. Do you think I'd ever be able to be announcer? Let me tell you this when I began. We're back everyone had a good voice. I loved a radio station in New York. More than all the others in the W. W. Am and they played you know Sinatra Ish music and they had personalities who just did their district show. I thought that was the end of the world and newscast is and they all had great voices. Well that all ended. It may have ended with the With talk shows. I sometimes think that radio stations want their talk personalities to have bad voices so they sound like the callers so the call is would identify with them. I'm not sure it's true but I think that there. Yeah I do I do think so and I had a buddy now give his name is name is Ira Mellman and at big strong boys and he did a lot of network stuff for CBS. Especially and he's working sports station in Washington and they fired him and listen to this. This is some business by the way. They fired him because he sounded to professional. That's so the answer is yes you can make millions. Are you kidding? Good especially really long island accidents. Top people joy that one well obviously is not hurting Chris. Russo Joe Benigno and and people like that out so as we wrap up here. There's a few changes that are happening on the verge of happening in baseball. It's one of your thoughts on them. I A battle with relief pitcher. I don't like it. Yeah I mean that's I don't like anybody else. I don't think anybody likes takes away. The strategy and in Nineteen ninety-six. My favorite years Susan's favorite. Youtube was born in because I was born in nineteen ninety Sol. My God you were born then but they named A buddy of Mine Dorey as manager so follow buck and I was real close two bucks still am and Jeff Pohjola. I've become good friends and and they weren't supposed to go anywhere and and you know the rest of the they got the first place. May I stayed there for the rest of the year behind every playoff series and they would win games from the seventh inning on but anyway the only had one left in the bullpen. Graham Lloyd he was great and Joe Torre had a weight. He added weight to use him when he could be most effective to win the game and obviously he did and they did so. I don't like the three better rule for that reason. If you have that kind of lefty and you're going to hold him for Bryce Harper or someone like that you should be able to use them for that than another one may not happen. But we'll start out there. The playoff expansion going to seven teams in each league. Top seed getting a buy and then the other teams picking who they play in the first round. You'd go to fourteen playoff teams. What what do you think of all that? Well I like it because You know a lot of people. Oh it's ruining everything has changed at one time. You know when the Yankees when I was growing up Yankees would win the pennant and go right to the world series now to win the world series. Well that's a lot like football baseball hockey basketball. You have to win a few playoff series. Which a tough but I love the sport so the more games for me is is even better because I like the Games and playoff games of the greatest or and I could see myself. I would hope the Yankees finished first and art involved in this. What a kick. It would be to see all the playoff games leading up to when the Yankees get in but we were saying that the Yankees got the pick. Pick the twins every time the sweep 'em again every great actually only thing that now you know this this you've heard a t in any sport team wins early and some schmuck reporter has to ask the question Who Do you WANNA play? Well they would die before telling you well. We'll just enjoy this for a while under we'll see so it would be very very tough of those teams to pick a team you know. Be careful what you you hope. Imagine the Yankees two years ago. Picking the Red Sox play like motivation. That would start. I mean it just the show itself was probably what baseball wants where the teams would be picking the teams on the show that would gain traction. I personally don't like the by that. The the hopefully it'd be the Yankees for the foreseeable future but that number one seat would have so much time off and baseball is such a a game of routine and like these guys. Don't want that much time off when it comes. You won't be playing almost every day and I just think some players won't like that based off the the long layoff would have. But we'll see another thing Robot EMPIRES The strike zone. Electric strikes on seems like something. We're inevitably heading towards. Well I think because at ten is the yeah the I with the call on I and the technology which I would not understand anyway would have to be phenomenal. I prefer seeing the EMPA- I hate. I hate the reviews area slows. The game of Football Kills Football. I'm the greatest football fan the world and I can't tell you how many times you know on my Sundays where I have the game on on one set in the Red Zone on another and I'm yelling play so I'm not too keen. I like the old days like me. Oh in a where the empire would miss a pitch and someone had done that. That's the best part of baseball on the matter. Getting thrown out fans loved Billy Martin and a panel running out on the empire throwing their hat. Yeah dirt who are the fencepost Tabu electronic robot? We don't want to do that. And also what an anticlimactic way to win a game they have to go to a re review or replay. I don't know if you guys have anything else I was. I was GonNa say just in general twenty twenty season what were what are your expectations for this team. And do you think this is the year that they end they end the world series drought and got it done? Do think this when people predict in any sport championship Super Bowl World Series. How do you? How do you know who you're playing in the first round out? You know who's injured but if everything would go exactly alike. I think the Yankees would have a great chance to beat any team well. The dodgers are tremendous team et CETERA. Et CETERA. I think baseball is going to have a hell of a year. Because in New York there are two terrific teams. And so that's the biggest city will be fully in on the on the Yankees and mets and I can see in the National League East this great division race four-team dirty and in the national league central the same way three or four really good teams so I think baseball's on the verge of having I hope very much of a positive person only see the good things and I think they have a chance to have a tremendous year. Love to hear it John. Thank you so much for coming on your current guest now second year in a row. Maybe we'll do it again next year and we'll talk about how they had a World Series Shamsher number twenty eight. Well we do it again. Next year I'll be very happy. So thank you absolutely johnstone. Thank you.

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