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In Smith town New York He asked his second grade class what they wanted for Christmas And notice that almost all the kids had at least one front tooth missing as they answered in a Lisp So he wrote the song in 30 minutes And he said I was amazed the way it was picked up by the whole country It was published in 1948 after an employee of the Whit Mark music company heard him sing it at a music teacher's conference And it was introduced in 1948 by a group called the satisfiers on Perry Como's radio show It was originally recorded for RCA by Spike Jones with George rock Yeah 48 and 49 So yeah but everybody's recorded it when I said everybody Ray Stevens George Strait Danny Kaye the Andrew sisters urban green the platters dread Zeppelin the Kelly family Nat King Cole the chipmunks the Hampton spring Quartet the three Stooges dick emery and count von count of Sesame Street And Homer and jethro did a parody all I want for Christmas is my upper plate Yeah Oh my God It's just horrible Did you hear about Bruce Springsteen He sold his son catalog for over 5 100 million for a literal fortune half a $1 billion And on the one hand you know he's in his 70s I can see where he's saying I'd rather rather get it now I don't know how he's getting the payout because boy that's a lot to get in one calendar year tax wise So I'm pretty sure that his accountants and actuaries had a field day with that It's probably all unbelievably in the bank account police it won't happen like that This is far too public But yeah I did hear about that And you know that's the interesting thing I think if you figure okay how much do I expect this catalog to make over its lifetime versus how much do I expect it to make over my lifetime Well there might be a reason to say I'll come up with a figure and sell it But like I say it's got to be pretty interesting how you take that income Yeah It's because it's because I still think it's because of COVID first Dylan did it Now Springsteen's doing it Because they're not touring Nobody's touring anymore because they're not They're not selling anything on touring rights And yes I understand that They're obviously selling publishing rights The songs themselves that they've written I mean we're doing this to make a buck Well you're not making money That's true but jeez you don't have to sell it all Why not sell a fraction of it So I don't know what I'm thinking I was thinking why not keep some cell some keep some you know Yeah And I was thinking the same thing Well there you go Great minds think alike And oh my God did you see the oxymoron today on TV What what The option one that is our president No no I did not listen to his address I was too busy I was too busy sleeping I was laughing Because he was talking about COVID and stuff like that And he kept coughing and going excuse me I don't want to be tested And I'm like he asked And it was like my prime minister coming to about him He said like he was I thought he was going to you know say martial law the march law thing No That I was predicting No no no Thank God you were wrong about that Yet the film is so good good Well I'll lose sleep thinking about that one I guess But yeah it makes it sound like it did sound like a comedy bit if he was if he was coughing between takes But no I slept and then I'm in the process of wiring part of a transmitter site that I met with a couple electricians So I didn't hear the president And how on your face doing Oh don't ask The problem is the scar is doing well but the discoloration And I thought to myself you know most of my discoloration lasts about a decade So I figure my next move is it feels nice and smooth and all that but it's just discolored I figure that it probably makeup Oh jeez Yeah I don't know what else to do Because it will outlive me It's not going to come back to my skin color for you know while I'm here Too bad It's the worst that ever happens to me I'm doing well We'll talk to you soon Okay thanks Okay thanks Goodbye I don't remember I don't think I played in a commercial missives And I have commercial missives to play So we'll do that And then I'll try to get some bounce your boobies in And then of course there's always to bar night So we'll pick it up there on WGN radio Happy holidays.

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