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Glad you brought me after now put them in that whole Sunday. Yeah, he did. And he was going to the guy if you don't mind me saying you have lunatic. No respect for you. Call it bounce it to you. Call him with W E E. And I I I'm gonna tell you. I'm just so thankful that Nick foles wasn't a starting quarterback on. I would have lost that. What is it about new bowl? Okay. Well, I'm just you brought him all you know, what even Jerry Jones as much as he loved that Prescott. He no or Andrew Lowe. Oh grizzly. You remember that grief? Do I wait before my time before your tan stop saying, it's your in your wheel? Yeah. Because about the country guy. Ed, you learn I never watched at one time. But I know what it is all I'm saying is if edgy look had to cowboy roster guess what they're the New England Patriots of the NFC because they favored every year with give give Andrew luck Zeke Elliott who's already landed league who leading the league in rushing gave him three first visit Landman three of the five. You remember skip? They had three of the top twenty five players not Lyman three of the top twenty five players. Get Andrew looking at watching work. You know, what I'm gonna take my guy any day any night. I will beat you take them. Seventeen touchdown. And let me know how that work. I'm I'll take those piddly little eight wins over luck. Haley what I'll take a case diet mountain dew straight up for Sunday. I'll just take it right now. I'll take Dak Prescott. Lowly little Dak Prescott the fourth round pick get nothing at Mississippi State. I will take him for one full case at mountain. Did he ever beat Alabama? No, maybe the beat Alabama. He could've moved up the draft board. He did take Mississippi State all the way to the top to the number one ranking and it lasted for like three weeks. No, I didn't want to they play who he had to go to us. What do you mean? What difference does that make Johnny Manziel beating? He had no firepower. They're being Tuscaloosa. Up Cam Newton Cam Newton Beatty. Yeah. After he spotted him Cam Newton spotted in fourteen mtm point won't him down and Tuscaloosa them, they took back seriously because they were afraid of that. Get away with you know, playing Andrew luck took down you f e twice bidding so van pekair walk to the middle of the field. John Hart about what's your deal? Why do you remember that? How many Dax teammates are playing in the National Football League for Mississippi State? I'll know how many how many of edgy look how many major. Manageable. I'm sure there are a bunch of not every time. I look up. There's another Stanford guy. That'll mean, they play with him. I don't know. Aren't we could check on that? Yeah. I'll bet you. It's a lot. Most of his teammates dot loose. Working valley. Yep. Medical profession now, they wouldn't have gotten accepted the Vanderbilt. Husky Obama you ought to be ashamed. Hey, got people go to Vanderbilt again, turn down from Stanford down. What I heard? I don't know if true research on. Kevin Durant majors the Brian share scenes like if it will let you decide. Just got..

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