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See pockets of excellence, but I would love to see how we can scale those solutions and how we can take a best practice which is a little bit of corporate buys word, and modify it and adopted who work in small cities, big cities, so that's that in part, the value that I think we can add one area that I'm excited about, is what general equipment supplies doing it. I know you have the Representative from the leadership, Don on the, on the workforce, Development Council, which is by the way meeting next week. I wanna talk a little bit by the scale ability factor when we come back with Michelle Comber who heads up the department of commerce as the Commissioner engine. The flight Paul guy to four live five. Best north August twenty th through the twenty fifth what's gonna constitute success for you in this about what we're looking for is changed lives that has ripple effect in concentric circles. So when one person's affected the others around them will be as well. And so we know that this community and this whole region really. You can draw circle three four hundred miles wide needs positive things we believe that you Christ, that's the best way to start. So we expect to see positive changes. We expect to see maybe new ideas launched if there's others that are interested in stepping on board with the human trafficking, and helping in that regard or even as we do these going forward and being a part of the work of them. It is a family event. So we'll be geared for families, even though we're dealing with some of these other issues, it is for families, and so, with the camping and everything, like that, that we will have their, we want families to know it will family friendly thrive fast, north, August twenty th through the twenty fifth at the North Dakota horse park. The number six one two five five four forty eight four for a few years, you've heard me talking about every day made better. Live in a hot spring spa from hot spring spas and pool tables to Vince Welker. The owner is here, so vents on telling you nobody should go through a winter like this without a hot tub Asana from hot spring spas. Well, nobody should go through life, without a hot tub on it actually makes you live better possibly live longer. It corrects your sins. You do things better by sitting in a hot temper on a daily than you do with how, because it does some stuff to the body that we could get into technically, but as I was hit makes you physically better mentally, better relationships better to go through life, without one, I think, is tough, especially in the western hemisphere where we're twenty five percent. More stressed out this year than we were last year. And it's just a way of life. And this thing is a true blue stress reliever and great financing right now, sixty months, no interest, five years, and you don't make your first payment for six months, plus twelve months..

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