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It is fair to say consequences are not going to make presumptions about whether everybody in this room is is sufficiently venerable to have been double jabbed. I have. I'm going to say that out loud florence if you were able to go and holiday in an amber country and come back without isolating. Would you take that chance. Of course i would because what have been doing recently is going to france which is a numbered country for a funeral which is person not a holiday. They're not really nice. And i had to spend more than four hundred pounds in tests and then i had to quarantine. It's a real repower. Puff so definitely. I mean if there is any other version than this one. Yeah i would be take your. I mean when you consider that in other countries that are free. I mean it's something a really doing. Understand i mean how. How did they come with the. Id you to pay more than android bound for for a test. Well robin leaving aside the question of those tests which as florence correctly points out Fantastically expensive you now. Fairly relaxed about the idea of taking a summer holiday somewhere not yet. Oddly i mean i'm slightly surprised at myself because i am an inveterate traveler. I have traveled a huge amount and have missed traveling hugely and i have had both doses of the vaccine and i am extremely encouraged by. The efficacy of the vaccine is no doubt at all that they work on. That is wonderful. However i mean early this year My wife and i agreed that we would not go abroad this year. and we going stick to that what worries me. Frankly is the you know the famed new variants. We don't know what new variants might still look out there and going from a country which we are here which is very well vaccinated two countries which are less well vaccinated just seems to me risk. I'm not yet prepared to to to take. But i have a delayed holiday to italy from last year which we haven't taken this year and we've got the dates for next year. So that's what. I'm looking forward to robin lusting and florence prediman. We will have more from you both in just a moment. You are listening to the monaco. Daily we'll be right. Back is proud to partner. The monaco daily on monocle twenty four for more than one hundred and thirty years 'alliance has expanded its business and stretched its brand new and innovative ways and while the world looks very different today than it did in eighteen. Ninety one truth remains allience is passion for securing people's lives and giving them courage for what's ahead no matter what behind you for what's ahead. Welcome back to the monocle. Daily i'm andrew still with me. Florence peterman and robin listrik. This coming sunday regional elections will be held in thirteen regions of france and we are probably just about close enough nine months. Give or take to the next presidential election. We are entitled to scrutinize the entrails thereof in search of clues as to the future direction of the republic dishearteningly. There are predictions foot that national rally. The party of far-right presidential candidate. Marine le pen may win control of an entire region for the first time. Florence warih's national rally likeliest to actually win and take charge of region. So i mean this. Is the south of france. Pouvons could as your first of all. It's not quite sure they will. They will win the region but definitely it would be changing now in the political landscape. Those election have huge interest at least for journalists and analysts. Maybe not for the people. I mean the abstention could be very high because it's as you say nine months before the presidential election so Whatever happens it's not going to really change the main setup. Which is that in any kids. There is very very few transfer marina pen to to make it and to become a front president. I know it's kind of the real thrill for for journalists and maybe agresson journalists like all women marrying come to power. I mean an election. Everybody's wondering when. Marion come to power in france. The the idea is just with which margin with marlene win this time and it will probably be more and more and she will probably get more and more votes but there is not such fear so far that she would ever be president. I know you cannot send never in politics. Maybe i would be days when she comes to. Powers eissa meer. I possibly we are able to name one or two. Recent electoral outcomes around the world which everybody confidently predicted would never happen in a million years and yet strangely did just to follow that up. The florence national rally will of course now be refining their pitch and just for the national elections and saying this is who we are and this is what we want. What are they actually now selling. I think that there's still the the ghost of marines father still hangs over the party certainly among international observers. Everybody remembers Joan marie lapenne. Who was a a barely reconstructed quasi fascist has. She moved to the long since then. She very cleverly moved to to make the protest. You seem to be like Let's traditional white party like two d. jabil is the party and she she succeeded somehow But when you scratch under the surface. And i mean the surface. Those sophisticated leaders like mine. Pan like her companion with also the those people yes people are good position the twentieth scratching the surface you go to the level under to the kind of and then the way they talk is much more open and you realize again that they are extremists that they still sell this anti-immigration and she raynor's anti lgbt et cetera practices like the guy who may become in in In the the head of this region recently said you would cut immediately any funding to association. supporting edgy bt. End people referring origin. That was his word you know. So that's the kind of politics there are there are doing but of course nationally they will try to To make kind of a package where..

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