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And like I said that's a hall of fame player may made a lot of plays his first organization. He's Katina bake a lot of plays. And so I'm happy. Okay. And so while while you've got your 'paparazzi hat on. And again, like I told you on the set, and I said on the air you've got you've got the chops to do those. Once you're done you wanna stop playing football. What did you and maybe some of your teammates think of Baker Mayfield extending the arm and not given the the the bro hug to Hugh Jackson. And then when asked why was actually point blank honest about it from the podium afterwards? Baker may still as as as a quarterback. I don't really watch film guy that they played against daddy bed. That's specif- layer of rows lucky to have bad. But you know Baker. I you know, I understand kinda sorta his emotions, but in understanding how go you gotta understand it. You know, you had to do what's best for him and his family as well. This is the NFL, you know, at the end of the day this guy job yet. He has a family. He gotta take care of you. Gotta take care of himself. He don't want to sit out not make any money. So he had to make the best decision for himself. And and sometimes in this week. That's the nature of the business. You have to make the best decision for you. When when a team let you go or team bed what to pay you in? So that's the nature of the business. This is in college football is is not one of those. I feel like even Baker obviously, you know, he knows that now. And if he doesn't, you know, that's that's just my opinion of of of that of the National Football League. And so you know, coaches go to different teams just like play or go to different teams. You know, what else went to Mary's Texas played a bed say week. I I was telling you I was telling everybody. Okay. You think the may go over there? Like, no, not gonna let you know to Broncos two minute drill their plays and their signals. And of course, he's going to do that. Because he had to do what's best in him style. And go go and play for the Texas and he's trying to win a game. So that's the nature of the NFL. Yeah. Emmanuel Sanders, you're gonna see Baker Mayfield in the Browns in your house a week fifteen Saturday game that looms is looking bigger and bigger with each passing week right now, I mean, and so to me the manual it seems case keenum's in more of a rhythm and all year long that he looks. Like that quarterback. We saw on a magic carpet ride with Minnesota last year over the last couple of weeks. How would you assess that yeah, he's fine and his own. Yeah, I'm happy for him. Because I know all early hours him getting here and all the late night study. And all this study does he's finally starting to get a grasp that offense and grasses playmakers. What are what are weakness is Bill much grabbing him or coming together? And creating some good game plans. I watch a game. And I tell them why refuse coaches said man play looks good at that play Lucia which is reading great plays to get guys opening, and and and Bill Lindsay, and I read it back in the ball and tell them and all line in which nobody really wanted to get to we're gonna be banged up. And he as good man, they're holding strong. We got office around spoiler tackles in one center day that that's a guard. But you know, they're making it work. You know, giving case opportunity to you know, a pocket wide open opportunity to get rid of football. He's doing that. And this kid Philip Lindsay's revelation man, it seems like not only is he just hitting the whole and dominating. But he's hitting people after he's running for ten fifteen twenty yards. And then he's barking. He's wolfing. He's Wolfman after every play a what what's going on with this kid. I love it a lot of people knowing his personality. I'd be east from he's a native Colorado, and he's still saving parents basement. And I tell them all the time you start me..

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