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You know one thing I might add if there's one team that's going to benefit from no fans likely in the stands it's going to be the chargers because let's face it. There's no fans for them at home and half the time you got the broncos taken over their stadium or Whoever they're playing and when they go on the road, they have a real road disadvantage because the crowd noise. So the chargers probably should be thrilled at the lack of fans likely in the stands having said all that and what the great stats I'm GonNa Lean chargers over eight wins but not with my money Jonas that is not the official bet on this team. Okay. So what? Is the what is the best bet and in fact, I'm feeling like it's going to be a prophet you seem like you're into props and that sounds weird to say over the air to another man but you seem like you are into props when it comes to the betting market here on this edition of Straight Outta Vegas. So what is your best bet on the CHARGERS AUSTIN Cler go over thirteen, hundred, fifty rush and receiving yards and last year ECKER got over fifteen hundred and I gotta be honest I think he's going to do better this year in the reason Melvin Gordon has moved onto Denver. So Melvin. Gordon had more rush yards than more touches for Equa this year Austin necker. Best Bet over thirteen, hundred, fifty rush and reception yards good stuff by Steve. Australia Vegas Jonas Anoxia on Fox sports radio along with as in for Rj Bell here you can check out the show on the iheartradio APP. Coming up next may be the biggest tease in the NFL or at least for me personally the biggest tease in the NFL who is number nineteen on the.

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