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Monkeys from the corona virus a handful of vaccines now in human trials president trump saying he's hopeful there will be one available in the U. S. by the end of the year but until then researchers are investigating new ways to stop the spread of infection yeah and you protect Dr Charles grew by testing a new potentially game changing product from allied bioscience cleaning after it's sprayed on a service like this store it should not only kill covert nineteen but also protect that service from contamination for ninety days the New York City transit system experimenting with three surface coatings like this it's mostly in schools in in buses and subways I think we'll have a lot more confidence we could reduce the spread of these viruses by services with this type of technology regulations make it difficult to use the virus that causes covert nineteen when testing these products other viruses act as substitutes regulators now reviewing surface coatings claiming to be covert killers experts say the virus is known to spread person to person cautioning there still so much unknown about how it's transmitted on services so long as we don't have a vaccine the thought of writing a subway or going to a mall might seem scary to some but preventative solutions like this could be key to helping protect us all as this country eases its way into re opening we're just a couple days away from the fortieth anniversary of mount St Helens nineteen eighty eruption N. as como as Ryan Harris tells us all these years later the mountain is still teaching us lessons there's a lot of learning at mount Saint Helens says Dr Seth Moran the scientist in charge of the U. S. geological survey's cascades volcano observatory who tells me there's still a lot being gleaned from the main event and the eruptions that happened in the weeks and months after to understand the eruption dynamics how the cloud evolved questions right now people are getting into about the generation of volcanic lightning and there was no lighting that was observed and reported and we can see some deposits in a pretty good idea of the timing of some of those deposits relative to stay one mechanic lightning was was being generated as others missing ideas that are starting to be developed about when volcanic lightning occurs an interruption sequence and what it means when it starts happening in terms of amount of ash in the air how far to go in and things like that Moran says the big lesson though is still the lateral blast in landslide caused by the eruption which broke trees like they were matchsticks or burned everything in its path because of the hot gases that escaped not to mention burying much of the area in deep debris and sending a mud flow down the North Fork of the total river the landslide was what took the pressure off of the magnet that intruded into the volcano and I generate the lateral blast and it was certainly appreciated that the bulging of the north flank that was moving out at a rate of five or six feet a day that that was producing a flank that was unstable and it was certainly understood that rockfalls landslides avalanches were in the future if nothing happens but it wasn't appreciated how big that landslide wasn't help instantaneous it was gonna it was gonna be Amaran says since then geologists have learned a lot about what deposits from that kind of a landslide looks like around volcanic areas and I've taken that lesson and applied it to volcanoes around the world and it's now much more appreciated by the book in the community that landslides are part of what volcanoes can do and that that is something that in certain situations where you've got an unstable flank that's not obviously building outwards that that's a very real thing that needs to be taken into account when doing hazardous substance those hazard assessments are important because doctor Moran reminds me of something we should all keep in mind not only is mount St Helens still active but source several other cascade volcanoes including mount Ranier Ryan Harris komo news at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news stocks managed to close modestly higher on Wall Street Friday after day of wobbling between gains and losses S. and P. rose point four percent.

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