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Watch and listen. American medicine today I'm Kimberly Bernabe alongside my friends, Ethan Ugur and Jeff Wagstaff. Now a cluster of five counties in rural Oregon recently voted to consider seceding from the state to join Republican controlled Eido. And joining us to discuss is returning guests. Our friend Paul Preston. Founder and president of the movement for a New California state and the host of the Red State Radio show Agenda. 21 Radio. Thank you for being with us again, Paul. Well, thank you very much for having me It's wonderful to be here. Have absolutely so why don't you tell us a little bit more about this organization? Move Organs border for a greater Idaho? Can you tell us what their motive is? Other motive is to get away from the repressive government that you find in Portland and the urbanized areas of Oregon and to take along with them, of course, to count two or three counties out of California, northern tier of California. So that's been one of the lead ins for all this, but the the rural areas of Oregon are really Rebelling, just like the rural areas of California are rebelling against the urbanized areas, which are controlled by the Democrats. So you're seeing a another form another variety of a state split literally. They're attempting to occur that said, they're attempting to promulgate through three states rather than two states. Paul, this has only happened a handful of times throughout the history of the US What is the actual process like because your group is trying to do in California. Well, we're Yeah, we're doing Article four Section three states splits, and it's only happened three times. Uh, the last time it happened was with West Virginia in 18 61. So it's not a real common way. There's 50 States and all the other states except for California were brought in by the territorial process. So you had main and you had Kentucky utilize this as well as West Virginia. And so we're following literally the exact template or a blueprint laid down by West Virginia and the Constitution and the bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. All those elements are coming together under our movement that's working. We're growing, growing growing, and we've had eight constitutional conventions now. Sydney Powell was one of our featured speakers along with your Arpaio. Joe Arpaio was actually joined the team now, and we also have joined up with this canvas songs and DNS to Susa. They were out the last convention. They're all on board with New California in the state movement, so we're very, very excited about our prospects. We anticipate that if things go right again, everything has to lay out. But by the end of this year week we could be a state. But the process they're doing is a little bit different, and it's not too much they're still requires. The approval of the counties are the states in the Legislature. Paul. What is the procedure that the Constitution lays out for something like this? And do we find it? Constitutional? Um, this process that they're doing is a modified process. It actually came about as a result of what happened when West Virginia and Virginia After the Civil war were trying to settle out some boundaries with some counties and this is very, very common that there's a settlement oftentimes between states and the county. There's you know there's territories to be had. We're all experiencing that right now, with our kept with our map that we are proposed, and we know that there's going to be more of a conflict coming about, but To take whole counties such as what you're doing right now and Idaho with the new Sir Ping literally portions of Oregon in the fashion that they're doing. It is really kind of stretching the court decisions and it will be interesting to see how that all pans out, but they still have to get the approval of the States concerned. And then that of the Congress and Article four, Section three is very, very specific about this that you have to get the approval of the Legislature, your own legislature. So here in California, we have got to get the approval of the California state Legislature. It's a simple process. All you need is a resolution. There's no bill involved. None of that. You can just declared with the number of people on the floor. At the time in the assembly or in the Senate and get your resolution approved and then you go on to Congress. But it also says that if you're trying to do this with multiple states, then you have to get the approval of those states as well. So They've got to get the approval of three states and that's why I say this is gonna be slim to none that this is going to happen. I'll tell you right now California is not going to give up its water states. Now the water states or the water counties. Pretty much are Siskiyou County and Shasta County and Trinity County. And I don't know if I want to creep down further to claim them all but So you're taking about 60 70% of California's water? I don't think so. That California, New California. We're not going to allow that to happen. It's a power grab. And that's not gonna happen. It just seems so odd that the Democrats wouldn't want to listen to the people because they claim that's what they do. And when the people are crying out, saying we want to separate and we want to be conservative. Why don't they allow that to happen? Because they don't listen to the people. That's that's a fact. Here in California. We literally live in a dictatorship and the people people don't understand it for the most part, because you know we don't Typically and other states and around this country don't live in a dictatorship. But we have a pure dictators in Gavin Newsom and the Legislature and the judiciary. I have all problem gated this over the course of, you know, 150 years. Amending the California Constitution over 600 times to guarantee that we would be at this point in time with a socialist Communist dictator. Okay, now you mentioned Newsome and we know they've already gained the signatures to remove him. Why is he still there? Well, they there's a There's a process. They've got a waiting period after the signatures were gathered to verify all the signatures, So we're still in that part and they got over 200 signatures. They verified 1.7 million Signature, so that's a that's a really good number. It's a very healthy for Californians to do that. But the problem is, it's been more like a ruse than anything else because she Gavin Newsome of the dictatorial role could actually put off the election to whatever he wants to. And the Legislature is not going to fight him on it. And it's he just had recently had a court decision that says he can't be a dictator anymore, and they find him a million and a half dollars And that was because he ignored the U. S. Supreme Court. They found against him. But whether or not he's going to allow the election to go through, is very, very curious. And then the other part of it is now we're getting the opinion polls that says his soaring in the polls. And it doesn't look like they're going to be able to recall him, which that's just completely not true. It's not true. Well, it just seems like they once they have control. They latch onto it, and they'll die before they'll give up that power struggle services. That's what's was, unfortunately, unfortunately, we're out of time. But thank you so much for joining us. Paul Preston, thanks for being on the show. Thank you very much. Take great care. Make sure you stay tuned coming up after the break A story of recovery. The market right now is strong for pre owned vehicles at Wesley Chapel. Alexis. 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