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And she's she's a little bit trouble here because she promoted events at Arizona State University that featured a lawyer convicted of aiding a terrorist organization. I was just trying to be politically, correct. Miss cinnamon, girl. Co-founder the activist group local to global Justice. You should tell you all you need to know local to global Justice invited people in the now close Yahoo group to attend to events with Lynn Stewart's both in two thousand three at the time of the invite. Lynn Stewart have been charged with helping her former client, Omar Abell Rochman, a radical AGIP, shin spiritual leader of a terror group the pass on secret messages to his followers to commit terrorist attacks Rodman was a former client of Stewart's it was charged and sentenced to life in the nineteen nineties for plotting to blow up the United Nations and FBI building two tunnels and a bridge in New York and the first events invite cinnamon girl said the lawyer was emphatically not guilty and would not have been charged with the crime. If it weren't for the hastily enacted Patriot Act that expanded the US government's power to Seville people indus- catch Stewart passing on messages in the. The wake of the September eleventh two thousand one terror attacks. She says prior to the September eleventh and the hastily enacted Patriot Act. Lynn Stewart never would have been indicted at all last April went onto same FBI agents, arrested Stewart's ever Brooklyn home as they took her away in handcuffs, the FBI invaded and searched her Manhattan office her crime doing her job for the past twenty-seven years as an outspoken criminal defence lawyer. Well, the second event with Stewart came just days after the first cinnamon girls description of Stewart was not particularly accurate two years after the events in Arizona Stewart was convicted of aiding the radical cleric to pass on secret messages to a US designated terror group called the Islamic group. She was initially sentenced to Twenty-eight months in prison, but in two thousand ten she was resentenced again for ten years behind bars. The federal judge said Stewart also committed perjury and lacked. Remorse after first sentencing. The lawyer was eventually released in two thousand thirteen due to her medical condition, and she died in two thousand seventeen Stewart reportedly helped rock Mon known as the blind shake between one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and two thousand two to pass instructions onto terror group followers. And this cinnamon girl, actually was facilitating her speaking at Arizona State University. Now, I say that to say this now, we got some polling data outlet, ladies and gentlemen, and Representative Martha mcsally Republican from Arizona now holds a six point lead over cinnamon girl. Surge pastor, this is a new poll ABC fifteen o Ohio insights, poets OH. I guess it stands for. I don't know. Released today found that forty seven percent of likely voters fever MC Sally in the race to replace Jeff flake. Who's retiring forty-one percent say they favor the cinnamon girl. Four percent say they support green party candidate Angela green appropriate. And the survey said green may be taking away support on the left from cinnamon. Girl are September fifth poll showed MC Sally taking the lead over cinema and continues to lead in October chief pollster Mike noble said in a statement the combination of Angela green entering the race. And Trump's approval increase is having a negative effect on cinnamon girl, making your numbers, go down. Here's something else. To for the longest time. I'm looking at realclearpolitics 'cause this is the the Nevada Senate race, and this is with dean Heller and Jackie rose. And she's the democrat. He's. Is the incumbent Republican? Well, as recent as the twenty ninth of September CNN had Rosen leading by four points now in the new NBC news Marras poll. Heller has jumped ahead by two points. I hope all this hold. I really do. Because I want to see that chick again with the red white and blue campaign hat on and the glasses. Not again. No. I want to see these folks butthurt. Yes. They are just they're already going nuts anyway, and you can't call him a mob on CNN we demonstrated this yesterday when we played you audio from Brooke Baldwin. And now what's his face over there? What's the hold on a second? Don lemon. He's shut down. Another guest who referred to this leftist mob is a mob. We can't call him a mob. Now the right wing there the mob. Don, lemon told network contributor Matt Lewis same guy that was on Brooke wall Baldwin, by the way to shut up. Yes. This was last night during an explosive debate over what constitutes a mob and light of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife being chased out of a restaurant back and forth came hours after anchor Brooke Baldwin tangled with Lewis and fellow CNN contributor Mary Katharine ham over whether protesters should be labeled as a mob with Baldwin telling both. She wanted to move past the m word because it is part of the weaponization of what's happening now on the right? The weaponization so calling mob mob is weaponising. The heck is that supposed to even mean Louis was invited on lemon show CNN tonight to continue the conversation or the conversation or the conservative Daily Beast columnist made the point that the tea party didn't hound people out of restaurants and was as was the case with cruise last month or homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen over the summer, or of course, Sarah Sanders. We've seen this happen over and over. He says the tea party didn't how people the tea party hounded me when I went over to cover them lemon shot back, and do you know what I said it was their right to do it because they are Americans. And Lewis says Don if they started following you around a restaurant in running you out of places, but that doesn't mean that people don't get to object limited erupted. Well, that's your right as an American to object. It's it's covered in the first amendment. You see that the objection clause? It's like the first one. So they went back and forth on this. And then lemon losses. Patients. Will you? Let me finish. Please. Let me finish. Lewis said bring it on mine if I have a drink. You can do whatever you want. You can leave the show if you want lemon says, well, I'm not gonna do that. Well, then shut up and let me do it. Lemon says thank you very much. The ankle continued in the constitution, you can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn't tell you that you can't do it in a restaurant that you can't do it on a football field. It doesn't tell you that you can't do it on a cable news. You can do it wherever you want to call people mobs because they're exercising. The constitutional right. Is just beyond the pale. Well, they are mobs. Look, here's the thing. You don't have. How many times we gotta go through this? You don't have a right to go in a restaurant in protest. You do not have a right to go in disturb, everybody else's dinner. You can be thrown out of a restaurant. Now, if you want to go out on the street in protest, that's fine. But you don't have a right to go into a man or a woman's business and disrupt their business, you just don't have a right to do that, nor do you have a right to protest at work. Which is what I've said about these idiots that are kneeling for the national anthem. You think well, I have the right? No, you don't are you at work. Okay. Well, you don't have a right to protest at work. Now, you have a right. Not to go to work and protest in front of your job. That's fine. If you don't if you wanna miss a day, or whatever and go carry a placard out in front of your job and walk back and forth fine. But you don't have a right to go into the business and disrupted. So this is just nonsense. Risi objection clause in the concert. I've never seen that in the first amendment there. It is right objection. Insane. We've got a spokesman for men's rights Edmonson contributed to a voice for men dot com. We've had Karen on before we're trying to get a beat on her last name. Scrawny? I believe is how you pronounce it. The warm men is now the official slogan the democrat party, she says encouraging women to hate and fear men as rapist is not a cultural development. It's a political weapon. Democrats are trying to replicate their electoral success among blacks, which they cheaply achieve by convincing them Republicans are racists. And now they're trying to convince everybody that white men are rapist. So they've convinced the black folks that Republicans are racist. Now, they want to convince everybody else that white males or rapist. So we'll talk with her at thirty five after she's our expert of the.

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