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It has many transgressions as Michael Irvin may have had he will forever be recognized as the playmaker. Because my God was he the playmaker. Especially when it counted. Prov top the championship with the San Francisco forty Niners when he joined the Dallas Cowboys and what a title with them. He was that difference. So everybody's greatest receive in history of football with over twenty two thousand twenty two thousand receiving yards. And was all Tom lead. Russia, but we looked at Barry Sanders, potentially better some question, whether or not it was wall to pay all other people. But you know, what you can't deny about Emmett Smith all time leading rusher at the time. He retired not to mention the fact that he also won three championships and showed up and produced. He's a winner. So you have to understand in the day and age that we're living in you got guys looking at us as sports fan, not just the media. But as at two as the fan and said, what the hell happened to you. You got all these cats with commercials all over the place. They never won a damn thing. But you celebrate them and you Mark at them or you could tribute to their mock and ability. And what have they won? At some point. In time doesn't be a number one matter. Does it be a champion matter? While we can love Steph curry the baby faced assassin with those milk commercials. What he's going shopping and driving in that car, and he's going shopping because his wife told her to make sure she picks he picks up some milk. You talk to a three time champion you looking at a three-time champion, not just the greatest shooter that ever lived. He's a three time champion. When you see others with all these commercials. But they haven't won anything. You got a problem? Say what you want about? Lebron's three-time champion say what you want about these three time champion. Doesn't take away from their greatness? Chris Paul Russell Westbrook list goes on and on great players. Great players. But should they be marketed and branded to the degree that champions? Aw. No. Football player. Same thing. Tom Brady deserves all the endorsements. It's got six weeks. Aaron rodgers. He's got one. So he may not deserve as much as Tom Brady. But he deserves something because he's champion, but Rhonda's two-time champions. Drew Brees champion. Cam Newton, not so much. We've got to a point where with celebrating people. That haven't won the chip. And you wonder. You wonder? Why you have so many problems with how to sports landscape has changed because we're not as demanding of them. As we used to be. We're having a conversation right now where the Greek freak. He's played seventy of seventy eight games this year. They're talking about shutting him down because he's got that twisted up ankle injury. And maybe he should of course, he should rest the rest of the regular season because they're probably gonna be the number one seed anyway and a bottom line is you use that opportunity to get better for the for the playoffs. Absolutely true. Bolaise gentlemen. I'm here to the right now. If he if he didn't have that ankle injury. I wouldn't be supported in support of him. Taking a rest, I will not be supportive of that. You know what? Because he's twenty four years old. That's what. The fact that Amanda is he's twenty four years of age. And if he were healthy, I would not want to hear that. I would not want to hear that. Twenty four. Are you are you giving the paying customer discount who do you think they wanna come see? I don't recall the NBA or respect of individual teams or the NFL in their respective individual teams. Given folks are price cut. When it comes to market play is not being able to play or choosing not to play. The Lakers have sat LeBron James now for the rest of the season. Fine. I understand it. He's in the sixteenth year. Portraits seventeenth season..

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