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Spin it down in behind the hawk net. Capari there to lasagna along the right boards to walker right point. Now lemieux in the high slot will turn and fling one toward the hawk net. And he was looking for a redirection play instead that redirected into the corner. Kelly have got it there. Leaving it in the corner for Blake losat. Ray Johnson actually Caleb Jones now on top of him. Malek verla came in and gave a shot to Kevin fiala of the kings against the boards. Here's Liza now to the loose puck again on the right corner. Tosses out left wing point. Downey drops it off the walker coming by a shot from the left circle block. Walker got it back in behind. To fiallo near the right point. He'll back skate through the ice like give it over to downhill with a long timer. In and out of the glove, but maras it. And then the puck played behind the net and Jones trained the clear kept in by the kings Anderson fires, knock line follow up shot by fiala, tumbles wide of the hawk net. Hawks need to clear the puck quickly here and out of there in. Here's dowdy now. To da pari right circle, put the puck down, bottom of the right circle to brunstrom. Tearing it around top of the right circle gave it a fiala. You'll take the puck and cut in behind the hawk net with it around out near the left point. Sends it over top of the right circle Anderson. Here's Anderson leaving it there for fiala. Put it over left circle for Downey. Cass eludes him hit the end boards, but down he got it back in the left circle to feel out near the line. Feeling now put a bomb in the right circle brunstrom fires and this deflects off ragu and out the center race, but the hawks are the long way from the bench in the second period having trouble getting a change. Here the kings back in laha zone. Diallo down the right side. Put it into the area behind the hawk net. And it's taken there. By Rasmus kabari. He and regula battle in the finally taken away by Caleb Jones hill fired around at all the way down for icing. Boy, this line is dead tired out there. Lafferty and Dickinson actually got onto the ice on a bad line change, but one that you kind of had to make. You couldn't stay out there any longer. Colin Blackwell probably two and a half minutes out there right now and stuck in this long line change as is regula and Caleb Jones. Lafferty wins the strong ragu will take the puck and fire it down again another icing call. You know, that's not a bad play to do. They gotta catch their breath here and fire it down the ice. Hope you win the face off. You won that last one. So it's gonna be villardi against lafferty on the drop. Circle to the right of maras. And the drop of the puck this ends up out near the left point off of deflection. Kept base got it. Karen now through the top of the right circle. And carries it down in behind the hawk net, fed the left wing circle. Now over the right side, Roy fires off the post hawks gets an enormous break there. That was nearly an empty net. Puck out near the line. Dickinson trying to fish it out. Can not. Sean Jersey, kneeling on the puck. Finally pulled away by Blackwell with an extra effort he'll spin it down. The king's own. Kings come back up ice quick pass now by Roy into the hawks home valar day Dakota had it plucked off his stick there by Dickinson for the kings get it back. Ken made a villardi right corner. Better than Trump for campaign. Off his stick. Kane along the fireboard. Chips it out Pollard. He got it in the slide. Here's the movers in the front of the map trying to flow it on. Marissa was able to turn it wide with a pass. Snaps it around the glass and out to center race as the horn sounds ending play in the second period. And Peter marassa down on his side in the hot crease slow to get up. Some concern there, but he looks like he's none the worse for wearing point stopping onslaught of king shots. Last four, 5 minutes. Completely in the hawks end of the ice. They avoid any damage. But you're going to be sucking some air inside that locker room for a few guys. Boy, I guess. For as I came up with some big saves and did look like maybe this

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