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I talk to each other about recipes so with what kind of fan engagement have you gotten like over the time that you've been wanting this show The gagarin is is the best part. Because you know you have to. It's twenty twenty one right now so social media it's so accessible to to get a genuine response from your fans and good and bad you know. Sometimes it's not gonna be what you want here. Sometimes it's not good news. Sometimes the troll. Who's this as a negative to say something negative but a lot of times you get that. That instant feedback You can you know you could play with that and see what works but does it. And just let's say and then you know they want to be a part of the the ride and with the major wrestling figure podcasts You know we have this community fans you know we We have a facebook group. That's a private group and you know we're in there. We're talking about figures were buying and selling with our fans and they're buying stuff from us and it's just a say stop a collectors And it's just a really cool experience you know. Listen i get. I get from an outsider looking in like a wire. These grown men talked about choice. I get it but like if you're in and you and you get it from the opposite side like oh it's so much fun. Do you have a favorite in your collection. Like everybody's got a favorite whatever they whatever they collect. They got their favorite something. What's yours i would have to say My zack ryder selection. Like i can't pinpoint an exact one. That like the fact that like i was such a die hard fan and i collected the figures and i played the figures then to you know make it in wrestling and then you have your own figure. It's the coolest feeling the world and it doesn't get old you know. I've had been fortunate enough to have a few Actually use my career and it doesn't get old in fact you know The major recipe. Podcast like we're making our own action figures and like the prototype is like in the mail right now And i was supposed to get yesterday. They got delays on like. Oh i wanna get us when open it. You know like it just doesn't get old. I'm definitely excited to see that. When i'm looking forward to seeing how that one comes out. Do you have a white whale like the one that you can't. They even looking for forever. And you can't find it and you're you're like that no-holds-barred trip to find it. Yeah so so You know there's a lot of prototypes and pre production. Stop and that's really fascinating to me. Is that you know. For for instance that this this company has a right now. They're they're huge. They make they make star wars the big brand but you know in the early nineties to mid nineties..

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