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I'm here in the studio with David Goldsmith, Jerry Pistore in Joanna Pitcher and appear story. And joining us in our virtual studio is Robert Erskine in England and Tim Kid case from wherever his undisclosed location is Streaming from Yonkers, New York. Robert, are you with us? I don't think Robert can hear us. We are experiencing what we call technical difficulties. And I guess we need a radio mechanic to fix things, because when things break as we all know, takes a mechanic to fix it. It's absolutely we're putting out an emergency message for a radio mechanic. Well, but the show must go on. So here we go. It's it's really actually It's great being back and the technology will. I'm sure it's not going to fail us today. But it's been four months of reruns. And it's just everybody. I've gotten so many calls from So many of my customers saying, Where are you guys? Where are you guys and We were out there keeping the car is going Nobody wanted to take their public transportation and we had a key and we're actually all of us, Jerry, right? We're all busier than ever trying to keep on when the governor said that we were automotive. Ah service repair service was on essential service. He wasn't lying. We gotta go. It's too bad. We don't know how to fix radio problems. Well, what's amazing is that February March ample, nobody came out right. And now you know, a lot of good once they started to, you know, Once New York got things a little bit more under control. It was You know, and we're going to phase three. We got this huge. I call it a tsunami of vehicle of people coming in with their vehicles. One state lifted the alternate side of street once they put alternate side of the street parking back in because they wanted to clean the streets. We got a big wave. And then once people started going backto work, you know, and people were fearful. Of taking public transportation. Who it's been. It's actually been very, very stressful for my customers and for us because The supply lines or not the supply lines just about Yeah, ups. We got people in now we've got we've got Tim Cook case. Do you hear us, Tim? Um, Robert, is Robert there? Yes. What was there Just about? Oh, okay. All right. All right. So, Robert, I know you've been waiting patiently to give this you Enlightening reports for this week, so begin Well, we have a very interesting story that's broken here in jolly old United Kingdom that is suffering its hottest heatwave in 17 years, which has absolutely nothing To do with what I'm about to say you would think. It probably has a lot to do with what I'm about to talk about. There's a campaign that's being launched that's called bad advertising. My bad advertising is a very powerful levy group who have identified that it's bad advertising that's encouraging consumers here. In Great Britain on also probably bang on Europe to rush out and buy nothing but SUV's. I've always thought most advertising was bad. Yeah, well, advertising is the marketing man's psychological rich. Get going, gets all the juices flowing to reach for your credit card or check book to go buy something that you haven't necessary even thought about. They're very good. These guys They are the best of the best brainwashes believe you. Me They are the best. We will do a report about advertising. Also also motive, you know, advertised anyway, this group have looked at what is happening in the SUV segment, which would be reporting on auto lab here or Sometimes is the fastest growing segments ofthe car purchase. It is insatiable. There are more SUVs on the roads, more SUV hybrid types. That's not I'm not talking about hybrid power, but we'll come on to that in the second than any other segment at the moment, if you if you don't have an SUV that you are no one you ever get into your SUV. My opinion. Is that this group who are calling this campaign bad advertising a probably quite right because Thie SUV is one of the most on aerodynamic. Moz. Transform. I think off the planet is basically a break. I mean, we need to be running around in birds. They're on aerodynamics. They use a lot of fuel. They are very heavy compared to compact size vehicles on lightweight vehicles, which is really what we want to be using. Whilst the automotive industry manufacturing the pump our wonderful advertising to say, Look, we've got a hybrid SUV press a button. It goes on. It goes off it goes, It goes off, like adding soap to your English fish and chips whenever you wish. I had this really. It's not a great segment of the moment because we're very concerned about global warming were very concerned about fuel efficiency on the hybrid is just a stop gap so out of the blue This fantastic organization has come up with the banner. Bad advertising on there, repeating to the government at the time of the pandemic. As we're climbing out, we're rethinking almost everything that we'd be doing. The one area where we really need to be looking at eyes is why do we need to be using SUV's that are not efficient on off? Frankly, I I can tell you why Robert the reason why, and I think we learned this from Harold Vendela in the show. Is that the rate of profit in building one of these SUV's is tremendous, and there's a lot more money to be made by the manufacturers, and they and when they sell of An escalator, as opposed to a Cavaliere Cavaliere. Thank you. There's just a lot more money to be made. So there is. AH, there's a reason of toe push. You know, you want to push a product that makes you a lot of money. The of course, that they're not taking into consideration that the rest of the equation which is you know we are the whole world is moving in a direction to be more fuel efficient. Pollute last and you know, but there's money to be be made there, and advertising is very, you know, seductive and like Yeah, we have a conundrum. I guess you'd say, write it. But is the advertising cream it creating the demand for SUVs or people? Naturally demanding as you've, You know, that's a good point, Mike. And I think at this point people are the advertising been so effective that people just lust for these things. I mean, the market demands it..

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