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Kuhn of thirty billion dollars a year they consume of taxpayer dollars out of a hundred seventy one billion dollar budget gay give me a if you can and think like a progressive think like a liberal think like a left winger like governor to just think like doug jerry brown okay i live in a state which here before has been the largest most the rich and powerful state in the union california which gave us ronald reagan very conservative state and the democrats party is losing middleclass voters because of their economic and political policies it works against the interests of moms and dads husbands and wives sons and daughters to build businesses find work makes it more difficult do you think the progressive movement is saying we're giving up on the middle class in america because they're not voted for us sony more so we have we have to substitute their votes by illegal aliens and and so many others coming in new america to take the place of the middle class which is why daca is so embraced and loved by the democratic party because they want to take those dr recipients and illegal aliens in eventually make them through chain migration in all their family very loyal democratic voters do you think they're saying to themselves look we've lost the middle class begins our policies stink so let's substitute them with illegal aliens is that is that what's behind this political power absolutely because social isn't it about power it not about cost about power and control and when you look at the democrat platform i it right with socialism look at what's happening to obamacare that was preferred dap in order to socialize uh this country what that socialist coward a well now at that hasn't worked they believe we need more government do they want single payer health care with privately failed in a california legislature i guess they quit grave pack baffled toppled arctic get fat implemented uh but when you look at dapa i refer to dhaka as democrat activist and conartists uh the and the democrat graf on it but we that they.

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