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You know tomorrow adam markets murder earth to pakistan good and claiborne while on a new vern and you know i really like this book wire gotten back now uh i don't expect much going forward should be put brown powder firmed now they have power on on earth crowder well all right on i dunno home equity firm while we don't want to fifteen current nobody wants to keep him that now we're the a whole another one anyone not if like when the next carmaker 520 monitor run an inner peace they're going to apply now too how can i don't like right i i know who mary clinton too much together account grayton her first i all right now uh when you're caught from now nor are are you you make some excellent point said justin as you always do when every get the chance to call on you know it's appreciated and we thank poured a year ago the jets would have was to this game but they are competitive their aggressive they're playing hard the effort is there any year ago they would've lost this game a year ago todd bowles i mean let's face it he was a punchline but he's got his team punching bag and only a cynic would say you know the jets are mess and things up they're not sucking for sam instead that same has just sucking for himself we hey was like up through what was he fifteen for twenty nine over the are in a us he's lost the war should men stayed and he was was fifteen for twenty nine for one hundred and sixty four yards no touchdowns in an interception so he's sucking for himself and you as c and you know what i say about unc you don't route for drug june's you wear them jr is calling for the bronx jr you're on the fan in new york city was happening jr oh no i'm doing okay how about yourself all right thank you want to make a quick comment i hope that air paint uh oh uncle yoyo went to the wall game fake if either yankees previous court oakland about three zero well affiliate in there so i need new in that i can understand what uh what i wanted to say to child quake worldwide on the giants got ready to.

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