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Our age ranges from twenty two hundred five. We had a twenty six year old and a one hundred and four year old woman. Living here it is where people are going to live the best. They possibly can live for as long as they can possibly live. And there are a lot of challenges with that because you're dealing with different decades of each off and i think that's what i'd like people to take away from this and i yes i believe. We all need to work together to make the necessary changes so that people like myself can live a very full life in this type of setting and richard very briefly. As baby boomers age. What role will nursing homes play in the landscape of long-term care sure. I mean i think there will always be a place for nursing homes because we have a population of people are living longer with ana mrs with dementia. We need to have a safe and humane and appropriate place for people to get care in a residential setting. And i think as mark said i think we can make it happen. We know how to make it happen in many ways and we're learning more in terms of appropriate care for for residents with dementia. It's really a matter of making sure. That facilities are carrying that out. That's richard mullet. He's the executive director of the long term care community coalition a nonprofit advocates for quality. Care for residents in care facilities. Also with us janette sullivan. Martinez she's a resident of pendleton health and rehabilitation center in mystic connecticut. And mark parkinson. He's the president and ceo of the american healthcare association. It represents long-term and post acute care providers. He's also the former democratic governor of kansas ginette. Richard mark.

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