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Do you do yeah yeah okay welcome back J. senator don have you look my love hi just look okay well yeah okay Kelly have you look my friend I always look okay I can tell you I do look for okay I always I'm here to assist yeah I got I know I'm I go down there and get lower region have your face mask on okay we're down there okay I lex are you prepared to five thousand dollar goal next let's just say this you may want to go in your front yard okay I want to get on the ground right now get on the ground tell us when you're on the ground looks okay I'm there yeah so we just kicked off a mere three hours ago the my talk neighborhood rebuilding fund and we're doing this in conjunction with our new family members at the neighborhood development center to help businesses owned by people of color rebuild and resume their businesses this means a lot to every single person on this on this broadcast and we're gonna do everything we can to raise the most money our goal over the next ten days is forty thousand dollars that's our goal we said in the beginning we're gonna blow past that we had a daily goal and I'm not talking just for Jason and Alexis in the morning we had a broadcast to goal of the whole day of fifteen hundred dollars because if we got that then David from first equity have would have to write a giant ed McMahon matching check of fifteen hundred dollars yeah he's writing it that's it okay let's really is on the floor with so we blew past fifteen hundred dollars at our two of our broadcast so then we said well crime any needles were all looks to five thousand dollars by the time we had our show off to Donna and Skippy which skip he's not here today so it's a don ladies and gentlemen I'm here to tell you the goal as of eight fifty two five thousand five hundred and forty dollars.

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