Eddie Alvarez, Melatonin discussed on MMAjunkie Radio - Episode 2,543: Eddie Alvarez, Brad Tavares, Ben Fowlkes


All right here we go its second hour of the ever be junkie radio so we got it mma superstar here on hold the goes by the name of eddie alvarez he's a former reality fighting welterweight champion mfcd welterweight champion later became a boat dog welterweight champion uh melatonin tournament champion belt or lightweight champion and you have see lightweight champion tons of accolades for eddie alvarez who has a total of twenty eight wins and five losses he joins us now on ever chunky radio what's up buddy how're you doing how's it going bra a lotta champion done well for yourself down a lot of exciting fights a lotta great moments in your career now of course wednesday night's we get to check eu anti malvar as duke it out with you in a used with just engaging in ting team gay gee all locked up at three three i believe at this point was it a fun season for you to film and have they been portraying it the way went down oh yeah mean on top a eating coaching a women we are incredible woman on a aim ataba coach inam i had a lot of my teammates out air coach it out there so we were training in the morning and then and then we go and coach damn right after our training in and we get another session in an entry nam so it was like a fight camp in itself are mean my coaches my and astra we just shaded it like a like a like a little mini fight camp it was it was get mm was it a slam dunk when you accepted the gig uh a lot of people had wanted you and poorly ada running back but you know then again that this is a lot of respect shown by the promotion that want you to coach in the past that's that's gone to uh a lot of the big names on the roster cookie could talk away talk about the way that unfolded.

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