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Swinton's to the Regina appreciate getting up for this morning. Your teacher used to be up early working right? Representing representing this morning, the Columbus -education association, but you've been twenty years, teacher in your current working east more. Right things of these more these days, getting along. Okay. But, you know, better over twenty years as an English instructor, I mean, are things changing or is English English English. Well as far as my curriculum is concerned, the curriculum pretty much the same. But, you know, we try to make it in a vague and good or students. And as they learn grow for sure, and you get a sense. I mean, I think it's kinda human nature to look back at the generation coming and they're not quite as good as your generation, your experience kids, just as bright today as they were when you started in four different high schools in Columbus city schools, and, you know, it wrong, it's the, the teacher is ready. And the teacher has all her tolls in her toolbox or history by the kids are. Are ready to learn, and, you know, it doesn't matter where you are just as what you're supposed to do. Then you're going to do well, absolutely wonderful Regina. I wanted to touch base because we were hearing maybe middle last week of that, there might be some prep ready for a strike. We heard that the superintendent is being instructed to kinda have contingency plans in case that were to come to fruition won't be through where we at right now with the talk of strike in win Mike, that take place if it were to come. So currently, the bargaining medi is with board of education for our contract. Our contract expires as all this nineteen thousand nineteen, and we are in summer try. Come to a fair contract should that to the point where we reached an impasse our members overwhelmingly to support the coloring of a special meeting of our governing body over the summer for the purpose of issuing a ten day, notice where the intent to strike, but we are not there yet. So your gut feeling because I mean, you've been around this kind of stuff haven't been a teacher for twenty years. Is your senses are people ready? I strike are they ready to come to dig in and say, we don't get what we want? We're gonna stand down, well, I can tell you this teachers, nobody wants a strike because that means a lot of things and a lot of discomfort for a lot of family. However, we can't we have to use all of the tools in our toolbox, and let the district knows that no, we really do want to do what's necessary in order to get a fair contract. We've been shading over and over again, you know, I've been through. In twenty years, I've been quite a few different goes with home school board. And we don't want to leave feeling like we haven't been heard that. So what are the sticking points? What are the things that you're asking for that so far? The administration is like no. I don't think we wanna do that. Particulars as far as that things that they're, they're holding out on. I know that we only just recently went into some of the more financial things, but the things that we went to the table with in the first place are reduced class sizes, which should be, you know, commonsense funding schools, and making sure that wealthy corporations. Don't get the handouts at the schools are the ones that benefit from that the cats the taxes, and also making sure that there's dedicated space for art and music and P E alternative programs for discipline and reducing turnover by compensating educators professionals funding saving taxpayers money. And a big thing about that is, is that you see a lot of inequity about when you go through different Columbus city schools. They're, you know, a lot of the conditions of our building being so old. Teachers are teaching in some really disgusting situations. I would think most people would not want their children in those situations either, gene of winter's, our guest twenty years, teacher currently at east more Regina, you mentioned reduced class sizes. I mean I totally get, I think most people here that, but, you know, Columbus's growing, I mean, Columbus adding people year after year. So when you when, you know that is happening, and you want, and I think most people want smaller class sizes what is the proposal? I mean, is it build more high schools, middle schools and elements schools are out how do you approach that the weather's more than one way to approach that, you know? Hire more staff to, you know, meet the numbers of students that are coming into the room actually give teachers time to accommodate the amount of students that are in your classroom. When you think about, you know, one teacher to forty kids and that's all well-made, especially when you think about a kindergarten teacher, who has thirty kid how one teacher going to individually meet the needs of thirty kids herding cats. That's, that's no doubt about it. But when you when you play it out like moneywise, if they were to appropriate more money for staff, and instead of raises a just hire more staff would that would be an equitable solution or no? I mean, is it we have to have better pay and more staff, or would you be willing to negotiate one or the other? Well, I again, I don't know the particulars of what they're negotiating as far as bad as concern. I just know that it's. All on the table right now. As far as looking at, you know, how can you make the working conditions better for not just the staff essentially for our students. Because you or your child learning conditions are our working conditions and it's all the same, and if we're working condition that is just horrific and hard to get through, it's, it's really hard to, to want to learn, it's really hard to want to stay in that particular edition, and it's really hard to be competitive and get the best educators, if we're if we don't have the best resource very well said, Regina, your delight to talk to. I hope that as this process moves along we can touch base from time to time and just get updates without be okay perfectly fine with me very much..

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