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Healthy you still have sperm bobby just like us bubbles and a library book the first of all if i had smithsonian no if i looked at my comedy was dust yeah. I don't even know what that is by the way sanders. Yay sandrine. Grainy in my com. I'll go to the hospital. still masturbate. yes i do you fucking shit works it works. It's a machine like you could still get a two. I'm not fucking guy. I haven't talked to you in a long time. Dick were you could get heart and everything instantly wondering so you do while. You're only three years younger. I now have. Dust bubbles. And you're working great. Oh yeah it's beautiful. It's beautiful me to you. Feel the same sexual desire. Oh yeah me too. We're still use toys and stuff like that would be. You know the pringles thing because the pringle boys well it's hard when you can make Like a homeowner. It's hard when you are living with a kit. You have a high school or in my house. Yeah so. I don't want a flashlight laying around the living room. Yeah you know what i mean so you just old school it also when i masturbate. I can't just masturbate in the bad. You know me next to kalani. That's weird right. I've never done a bunch poor mouse over. You have to go downstairs. No i have to do it either. Well sometimes i'd do it in the garage. I have done where tiger bellies filmed. Yeah video game is so i'll be playing wars. He thinks you've gaming not in the guest seat or anything right. No no no. I'll be gaming. And then i'll just go and i just because i you know. I have to quit a certain time. It's getting almost one thirty and his name will just masturbate. I'll just to do it. Would you go ahead i think. What do you mean banker. do you look at something. I look enter this all. what do you look at. What are you watching. What do you look at them. I want to know what you're watching. I'm not like i'm not doing. Because i don't want i want i don't want to i sp- used to spend so much money on buying memberships. I always questioned. It's for free right. Yeah oh your specific nuts but it's about the free ones are like four minute video. Sometimes they don't sometimes right but it's not high definition. Yeah i mean. I like all that stuff okay. I knew you know nobody. Would you a topical porn. No relevant porn. What do you mean baril keep keep going just like ones that are like you know what i think about it. What do you mean. just think about what. You're about to say. Though i just want you know twenty to be you know. Think about it. Ruin hub okay. That's you go. Premium for the premium on. What's the what's the difference. You just get a lot more content okay and high definition videos and long videos far more accents. Get through longer videos though. Do you know what i mean. Do you keep watching after you complete and does it take longer for you. I'm notice it takes longer for me. No you're like bull. I get into manic obsession really. Yeah folk. I know how to focus my attention. Can i play a game called match three. There's a game called match three d. where you you have to. You have to put like symbols inside a little thing as fast as you can in a if you don't focus especially on your phone because your pets easier on your phone you have to really look in a us technology in that system when i watch porn focus into the pussy. Also your mind just goes right in. Yeah yeah and i'm like nothing you know. Sometimes you'll be watching porn and you'll hear a noise go. Is that a ghost or or you start thinking about other things only two options or whatever or is that my girlfriend. Maybe that would be the right or you think about. What do i have to do tomorrow. I don't. I know how to laser focus do you not to do that. Just it takes me like an hour on the opposite to finish. It takes me a long. I mean sometimes hours hours just to finish one load. Oh yeah really. Yeah but our longer. Sometimes a two hour relieve three baby. The sun will be out. Baby are you jerking off the entire time. I take breaks baby son out. I understand that. Can i ask you this. can't you do like two or three. what are you talking about. I mean it's like you like you know what it is. It desensitizes you. Because i noticed that i'll get sick of watching one scene. I'm like This is not doing it. And then i'll cut to another. I mean it's just like ooh. Yeah that's why it takes so long. I mean i'll be honest. I have gone through five or six videos on my hundreds yet but tons you need help. Then we're talking about hundreds of video. Hundreds maybe fifty resent fifties trying to have your back. Yes normal fifty difficult. Yeah yeah yeah. Maybe she's take a break. You know what that's healthy. That's how are you worried about me. i'm worried about. I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what i'm worried about a term and this is real who talk about comedy.

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