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Dot com. Hey, it's be Mr Paul Hinders run the installation before we know it. Cold weather will be upon us. So don't get quiet, suffering through another season with cold, drafty windows and doors called Paul Hinges. Win the insulation today, like I did and let them professionally installed New Marvin or soft light windows and Marvin appropriate doors save $100 off each Marvin itself like window with a five window minimum and up to $500 off each Marvin inappropriate door. Contact Paul Hindus one. The installation today Paul hinges windows dot com You're clear home improvement. Choice ATTENTION registered nurses. Patient first is accepting applications for nurses and supervisors. Patient first offers competitive salary, excellent benefits and an exciting friendly work environment founded by a physician in 1981 patient first invests in its employees with continuing education paid time off for one k health insurance and more if you are a nurse with the heart skills and knowledge to truly put The patient first apply online today. Patient first dot com An equal opportunity employer. The 10. 10 wins neighborhoods spotlight Is sparking New York City's small business come back, building back bigger and better join 10. 10 wins on September 15th at four PM as mayoral candidate Curtis Lee one speaks with Juliet Papa about the creation and growth of small businesses here from Kevin O'Connor, CEO of Dime Community Bank and a panel of experts as they provide their strategies to reenergize the city. The 10 10 wins neighborhoods. Spotlight September 15th at four PM Visit 10 10 wins dot com slash spotlight sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

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