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Intentionally he claims they want to make him look bad the fires are causing global concern because the Amazon provides one fifth of the planet's oxygen let's take a look at your drive in Boyle heights there's a crash on the sixty it was on the westbound side right in the industry that crashed just made its way out of lanes over to the right shoulder so everything's been re opened there but overall traffic heavy in pockets coming away from Azusa now let's check in with Jeff body care find this guy sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com he's the manager right along the five but not a pleasant trip here this morning just honest out perhaps coming out of the new hall pass from from the new all bass all the way down to the one thirty four we've had problems the first what was that tax and that's around the one eighteen at another one it actually still working to the right shoulder laurel another one I shoulder its online and then finally in between western and a one thirty four so the bottom line here that whole stretch the slow section is definitely from around Hollywood way down to the one thirty four but finally at least all it does so it's gonna take an extra at least fifteen minutes to make that drive that you normally used to don't that sound like a good little sorprende the one eighteen usual stuff there and the one eighteen itself both transitions out east to west to the south five kind of slow injured in an accident so for woman cybelar dot com Jeff Bock KFI in the sky in can't find this guy helps get you there faster I'm Brian autos the Dodgers got past the Toronto Blue Jays in ten innings by a score of two to one that series wraps up today at seven we tend to my it on the mount you can follow it live on the.

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