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Until she was at least in her fifties, Louis B. Mayer fell in love with her and put her in all kinds of movies for MGM was as an older kind of interesting character actors. Very funny. She's terrific ly funny in this and that she looks Jean Harlow up and down and says that you got nothing to worry about, kid, you know, and what I love is I've worked with some dumb people. Just not right. You know what I mean? Not right. Even though it was in broadcasting in newsrooms, not bright, and when they say to me something like I was reading a book. I always stop like Marie Dressler and do that double take it. We didn't book because you just don't expect it from people who are incredibly ah. Dump. So anyway, so to add that anyway, so that director hello, That director is George Cukor and George Cukor. It was the most amazing director. He could do literate films, you know, beautiful, illiterate films like the first little women and that wonderful Joan Crawford movie People are so stupid that look, Joan Crawford is only Mommy. Dearest. Just check out. George Cuba is a woman's face. Brilliant Joan Crawford. Gas light a double life, Uh, Adam's rib stars born one Judy Garland should have got the Oscar for my fair lady. I mean, this was a big, literate, smart director, and I just love him. You know, there's so many. We're not gonna be able to mention tonight. You know, we talked about Billy Wilder and William Wyler and a number of other ones last week, but Howard Hawks and David Lean and Ah about Let's go toe foot like parade like a job of teaching new kids the routines. Well, gee, Mr Can that'll be swell Job's yours, Francis. A stone is your new assistant? Again. All right. Mr. Are you watching from over there when I go places. Another good gal gone wrong. This is Busby Berkeley. Describe it for me. Okay, well, Busby Berkeley put like parade I put in bus people because, even though sometimes he co directed, and he did all the choreography a director for movies, he added, so much to the history of cinema. First of all, remember the idea of pre code That means things could be really sexy, really nasty and you get the camera going between women's legs and all the crazy stuff that buzz be Brookly came up with when he was in World War. Busby Berkeley was A guy who did all kinds of just outrageous leak. Clyde Kaleidoscope creations. Hey, did all of Esther Williams is. You know, he almost killed because all they wanted to do was get the shop so he would take take away up in the sky. He did the Berkeley top top shot, which is still used today. Well, he'd go way to the top and pull out the ceiling and make sure you get all these women with their legs. And he was just amazing. He started out organizing military parades in World War one. And he just got obsessed with the magic and that he could do in musicals, his imagination. I always wondered what drug was He on? So I really did investigations. It's kind of like Salvador Dali. You know, you look at these things and ego. What were they smoking? A drop in, but nothing. They just had it in their minds. It's fascinating. Now. The next film I loved and I want you to describe it. Midnight in Paris, Would you read it? You know, it's it's like 400 pages long and I'm just looking just for you know, just in opinion. My opinion is I hate it and read it. It's bad. I'll hate it because I hate bad writing. If it's good, I'll be envious and hate it all. The more you don't want the opinion of another writer, you know what? I don't know what it is. It's just I'm having a hard time you know, trusting somebody to evaluate it. Writers are competitive. Not going to be competitive with you you to self of facing is not manly. You're a writer declare yourself the best writer, but you're not as long as I'm around unless you want. Put the gloves on settling. You know Woody Allen is such a fast, interesting one with dialogue. Of course, he's a writer, of course, is to stand up. That's how we began. And he's just marvellous with dialogue was also characters. He's also doesn't right down to the audience. You know, like, Hitchcock said. It wasn't about the gun of the knife. But the anticipation of the end of the night. Will Allen at Woody Allen believes if you never write Down to the audience. If you're going to mention you know if you're going to mention someone, Bray out like good treat Steiner. You know when raw you're going to mention it, you're not going to talk down to the audience. So in midnight in Paris is this beautiful movie? I watched it at least twice a year where this guy goes to Paris, and he ends up in the Bella pock. He ends up going back in time in Paris. It's a beautiful film Midnight in Paris Blue Jasmine. Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Hammond sister Sandy Hall. I mean, this guy Woody Allen. Yes, he misses he has hits and he has, Mrs. But boy when the hits a good they are so good. And John, you love radio like ideo, And there is a wonderful movie that he did called radio days about the golden age of radio loved it. Yeah, it's a beautiful films. Now. The next one takes us. Away from Paris takes us away from the footlights. It takes us away from just dinner. Everything. Yeah, You can't be further away than this movie. All right, So tell me Well, let's hear the sound of 2000 won the space Odyssey..

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