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And in an interview with Mary Kay cabinet. He admitted that he went to the owner Jimmy has lem to try and take back control of the offense from. Todd Haley who was the coordinator. Hugh. Also it made it he didn't hire him. He didn't want. Todd Haley the general manager John Dorsey brought in Todd Haley. And he wanted to be a walk around head coach. Well, this is this. This is good stuff. And this is interesting. Because you made the mistake of trying to make the power play. Who did you think Jimmy house and was about to side with the guy? He just signed up as general manager or is head coach who he gave one more year to because he knew he had saddled. Hugh Jackson with a bad operation. So he lost. He didn't have the winds. He didn't have enough juice to go out and. Overpower the general manager. Here's Jimmy has lem on the firings. Well, hopefully extent today is very troubling hard to win in the NFL. Everybody knows that it's us. And I think the message today is we're not gonna put up with internal discord that we want people who are collaborative and work together. So they fire Hugh Jackson and they fired offense coordinator. Todd Haley to hear Jimmy has them say we we want. We don't want discord. We want people are going to work together. Do you you put you allow this to happen? You allow this to happen? So this week they get the chiefs. Good luck. With that. The only good thing is they get him in Cleveland. Greg Williams is now taking on. So this is the John Dorsey show. Make no doubt about it. He is in charge. So John Dorsey, what should what should Cleveland fans expect and these next eight football games, the internal optimist always wants whenever again right now. I think what we do is. We attacked the wanna know mantra we've now right now have a game that getting ready to play a very good football team coming in here, and that should be our sole task at hand. Right now is how we're gonna go win win this game coming up this weekend. So reading more about huge action, and he's going out there telling historian that's his thing. Why not Hughes trying to put his story out that he wants to be a head coach again. That means ultimately this is what this is about. Okay. Hugh Hughes trying to make sure they don't point this put this all on me. He's out there saying that he wanted Carson Wednesday. He wanted to Shawn Watson or Patrick Mahomes. So the Browns passed on Carson Wentz two thousand sixteen and they pass onto Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes. A twenty seventeen take what we pass on three franchise quarterbacks in two years and went to Watson and Mahomes we play with a quarterback room with zero wins. In the league we played with St. free agents in practice squad players wide receiver yet our offense was the Saint or better than what we were doing this year. There is no way that should happen. So Hugh Jackson covering for himself. The also went on to say how do we been doing in year one? What I was able to get us to do in your three. There's no question. We would already be a winning football team. You can't go one in fifteen sixteen have people like you unless you come out and explain everyone that you're going to lose, and you can't say that publicly. I'll buy some of what he has to say. But I won't buy all of it. Because I also understand what this is about this about Hugh covering for Hugh. But if you made it into round to the owner. To try and get the offense to play calling away from Todd Haley. Why did you make the interesting to the owner? Go say we need Carson Wentz we show. Why didn't you do that? Did. Before you got to Owen sixteen. I never understood why he wanted this job so badly anyway, and Hugh told a friend of mine, hey, man, there's only thirty two. I don't care if there's only thirty two this is one you don't want because there's dysfunction and whole thing. Hey, we're going to try to treat this football thing like like baseball and get a bunch of picks. I never agreed with that. I didn't get it. It didn't make sense. You can't do baseball things in football. And then you guys Sashi Brown a numbers guy. Trying to sit around here. Tell Hugh Jackson the football people. What to do it was a bad deal, man? But he knew this when he walked into buddy wanted it that bad, and I guess he thought somehow he can sit around here convince these people a man convinced against his wills at the same opinion. Still can't have it can't win like that. And I go back to what I said yesterday here on the newest Greg show about Jimmy has lem. Jimmy hasn't tried to be fair. And what he needed to do was be right? John Dorsey never wanted. Hugh Jackson when you hire John Dorsey to be general manager, you should have let him go get his head coach. So John Dorsey couldn't fight Hugh Jackson. What did he do? He makes him take Todd Haley, and he says Todd Haley's calling the place you gotta deal with Hugh. If you don't like it, you can roll it Hugh decided he wanted to stay and try to figure out how to make your work retired Haley, he couldn't do it. That's where the owner screwed up. The owner needed to do was write a check for Hugh Jackson, say, hey, look you. I'm sorry. I didn't give you enough to help you. We're gonna move in a different direction. And I would gladly talk to any out fellow owner or general manager and let them know. I did not put you in the best position to get things done. That's what Jimmy should have done that would have been. What was right? But he wanted to be fair is sometimes you can't do that. And I learned that lesson from Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells I don't have to be fair. I just had to be right now utilize that when ideal my kids all the time because my kids love tell me about what is what is. So I had to come out and tell them I don't have to be fair. Gotta be right to make the right decisions..

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