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What did he do knees elbows? Sure he was in the guy back. He didn't needs Backs hips he was full on his partner. DID HANDS HE GETS set. Most bones did some sports Medicine as well. Yeah real deal. I guess I got a yeah I've had a bunch of surgeries. Oh yeah from what from all different stupid stuff. ACL's torn by says broken collar bones from white fallen off. Shit I did I can cars no no. I don't a lot of Brazilian Jujitsu Tokyo's fight on the street. Yeah I like not to have you when I was a kid all the time. I really got into them. Yeah but not as an adult. I think I've been to fights and that's in twenty years right. Yeah Yeah. It's not my impulse to fight him more. I don't go associated. Yeah I get it. Yeah and your smart. I guess some guys. Just don't even think twice. Well I mean you know when you're younger it's like proven stuff but no I hope I know I don't want to feel like I should have been in one one fight we can when we're done with this. We'll go down. I think that don't have a chance here. Everybody's gotTa Chan. Is that true. Yes you learn you. Absolutely it's hit somebody squaring the go to sleep so you could get one three absolutely provoking. You're absolutely not. I don't WanNa fight you at all see Z.. Do this movie at boycott. Hey Yeah so anyway I just when I did I hear sort of realized that this is a good world for me. I didn't know if I wanted to write direct move the lights bringing food but wherever these group of Weirdos was into this trip and that was the first time you've been on a set like that I mean I guess you know my dad. Dad didn't work a ton when I was growing up a lot of time. Off for whatever reason but I didn't really view it when I was a kid has something to do you like okay. This is this man's job but yeah when I was there a part of it I felt like okay. This is my my group of people. Oh yeah there's so many different kinds of people in one place doing different Shit. But it's all it's all like you know this creative energy going towards this one thing. Yeah sounds pretentious but no it's true. It's not pretentious. It's a it's a business and you know when you get on. He says if you if you say something's pretentious than it takes away pretentious right. No I think that like it's weird when there's the thing that we do when you're involved in show business where you know you sort especially if you got more of a kind of a street smart rugged sensibility where you kinda trivialize it. But it's it's fucking real business and people work hard and there's all kinds of people involved in one thing. Yeah working towards this one thing. It's kind of amazing you get on the set and you're like there's like one hundred people that I don't know what they're fucking doing but yet doing real jobs right you know. They founded the fucking person. That's figuring out how to hide your Mica so when you get that bug do you. Do you take acting class. I did I went to this This place called playhouse West is a Oh yeah theater company company in the Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie. That's their place. Yeah but it was a really cool place because it was a part of it was an acting school but then the other part becomes the theater company so after a a couple of years after you learn how to act whatever the hell that means. Yeah then you know you craft of Agra down then there's the next level of it which which is like you become part of the theater group now you're putting a plays all the time and people are working on plays writing plays acting directing in place. You have access to these three theaters right and you on and off for the last twenty years. I've been going back there and putting up plays So it's this great little thing to be a part of anyway. That's what I did and go bomb. Like one of the guys guys who created. He started where he's him in Robert Carnegie Robber Carnegie's I don't know that guy he's one. He's like Sandy. Meisner protege really yeah and and And and do they both teach at the place. I don't Yeah Robert Still teaches there But I don't believe Jeff does anymore. Did he used to a lot. Yeah and did you take what Jeff No with Robert I worked with Jeff a bunch. Yeah you know over the years. He's interesting actor. He's one of my favorites. Yeah he's really seems to be the real deal. What makes assume your favorite like what is it about the way he does it? Just the way the Worke Ray. Yeah but he's he's. I've never met anybody who is more I. I mean in life and when he acts. Who's more attuned with? What's going on with the other person? He's couldn't be more in the moment you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And there's something like really interesting inhuman about it's like he's interested in everything and he's interested in that's to me. The best actors are the ones to pay the closest attention. So that's why true compulsive about he's he's he's studying you always and that's you know that's to me acting as you you can plan all the stuff you're GonNa do can just pay attention to what the other guys do one or the other people are doing. And that's what makes people more interesting if they're interesting to begin with and he's very interesting. So yeah he's Mike you know he's been around forever to doing little parts and little things. He's very good man. He's sweet guy too. Yeah he's an acting lesson just because when when he's when you're talking to him he's like Oh really. Yeah and yeah. He's trying to get into your body right now. He wants to work off of it and the other guy was mostly Meisner ish stuff like yeah he studied was Sandy Meisner. So yeah repetitions and did you find that helpful. I mean I still yeah I did. What was it seen studies and you get casting productions at the place and that kind of stuff? The production ended up pretty much. Being what the students did. Peop- students would ride. And then you also you know back in the day back in the day said that but at that time you go get rights shape more as time goes You get rights to do you call Sam French at the rights to do play the dramas producing San French produce. It was that combination of you know people writing people directors would come to the to the school and they would end up directing plays writers would study. I think every good director writer acting a little bit. Yeah because I think the first time I saw you and like notice to you I think was in that There was the one with Jennifer Aniston. Where you play the trainer? Yeah but it was great though like I remember because I didn't know you were and who's that guy and then when I found out your McDonnell. Yeah that makes sense. What makes because if I look look at you you kind of remind me of your man right? Is that right to say. I mean I'm not a handsome guy but there's a moment where my guys it made sense to me. I thought it was douchebag but I thought it was you know he had a full full life inside. Sure that guy thank you. I'll take it and then like when I start to notice you in the All the oceans movies. I don't have to notice me. I mean you know I think like I why would I talk to you. I wasn't yeah good point but But this stuff that you in case you do in those movies very funny to me. Think it's a funny dynamic kids like a comedy team. Thank you guys. Have a thing that kind of built over the three movies. He's where you kinda gotta stick together. Yeah all you're going to do with. Casey is just pay attention to him. He's so interesting and really yeah I think so so I just sort of showed up and just paid attention to AKC reacted to basically. That's it. That's it no homework. No Hawkins Engine Casey here so this goes on like you know. How do you can do you? You find that you're challenging yourself as an actor absolutely not. I've been you know on the movie yet. But it's been a minute I've been on a procedural show for ten years which is longtime dude. Yeah and it's it's listen. I'm no complaints man. I mean you know. I'm lucky to have A. How long are you in in Hawaii? Every year About six days of every month was a hell goes. Yeah just go and I'll do a couple of episodes I don't do all of the episodes anymore okay and then And then you know come off so they don't so they shoot a lot of it just exteriors in Hawaii. All of its in Hawaii like I said though who. I'm just not in all of them. Yeah you were in all of them no in the beginning for how many years two or three years. Yeah Yeah. So that's great so you making money in your sleep deep now. Yeah Yeah. It's good but to answer your question. Am I doing things that I'm really right You know excited about her. What did you ask? What was the challenge in your challenge? No Oh for sure. Oh the Do you want to of course. Yeah Yeah I mean I think that's a guy thing man I mean like how often you know. I'm at the beginning though in web. But you seem like you're always in good stuff and you seem like you're an stuff that you're should be excited about. That are different for me like you know. I didn't like now like my opportunity. Started to happen when I was in my forties so I have a sort of type you know and I've I've done a few movies. Not many and and yeah I can say no but I don't see you I haven't seen you do a ton of stuff again. This is a weird thing to say but I don't see you doing stuff for the paycheck. No I don't I didn't I never set out to do that with acting. Right was never it was never. Do you do anything just for a paycheck. No no not. If it doesn't like that's a pretty amazing. The closest I get to that really is like Like I'm going to go up my iva comedy special social dropping in March and I've got this hour that took me a couple of years to put together and once the comedy specials on sort of dead in the water right so oh I just added like six or seven dates to go make a little money because I can you know but it's me doing but it's something that you've dug deep for my shit. Yeah so what I mean so anyway..

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