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Looks of things. I still got some work to do. I would think so. All right. Well, thank you are touching cooked citizen. You can make a couple of bucks and help rid our streets of are no good, grimy stuff. Log church face. Here It is The crime Stoppers Update on 700. W l All right. Heads out looking for Chris Cedo. Chris sell Cedo for felony robbery and two counts of felony burglary. Salcido accused of forcing his way into the victim's residents making threats. Taken off of the victim's vehicle as well. Chris Sell Sito White male 46 years old 5 10 200 lbs. Salcido has a history of theft and burglary. Believe it or not. And he is from Hamilton, Ohio. Within following Chris Sell Cedo. Where is he Get the cash call Crime stoppers and 35 to 30 40, or online crime. Dash stoppers dot U. S. Got his mug shot here and he looks me. Chris South Cedo. You're a mug of the day. Get it done, citizens. Thank you. It is about 6 50 right now and you know, we got Nathan back racket head will talk about Little world of money money, according to Nathan, but a traffic and weather on the way as well. They started using when I was 13 Taylor is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. It was like, Oh, well, their medications. They can't be that dangerous. My perception was once you stop using like that's it. Your life is over. I didn't even realize that I need help. Until, like the day that.

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