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Leader bottom of the seventh title VD against the heart of the order for the third time now for the Padres Beatty's having an excellent night CVV get through seven or who knows maybe even more giants lead seven to one BT's only give it up to base runners in the first six innings he's thrown AT pitches so far Renfrow than friend meal radius and Josh Naylor against BT twenty six year old right hander from the wind up pitches and just misses off the outside so that the strike so was getting bigger in the seventh inning that'll look to be right on the corner call the ball one noted Renfro has flied out to center field twice being hits this one final ninety four mile an hour fastball the twenty one one the Toyota down scoreboard the athletics at home against the twins they were down three nothing they of roared back twins though have answered some of the ETS offense so it's been a back and forth game there the bottom of the six at seven to five Oakland swing and a miss on a high fastball Renfro wanted to the mariners have come from behind forty two the lead the cardinals in the bottom of the sixth inning up the coast in Seattle it's safe go it's not safe going more to call you one to **** wow the outside by a couple of inches maybe call the ball to do Renfro flinch I think he thought he might have been out the hitter just gave himself up I thank to do because he said that target away again Renfrow swims one toward the middle part of his left Solano fields and and belly flop he couldn't keep his balance so we got to the ball ranging do is laugh I just could not stay on his feet that way and no chance to make a role that's the first race runner for the Padres since the third inning more rent roll with front wheel array is coming up ray is as homered and grounded out the other game on going on our Toyota out of town school towards is he in LA Diamondbacks Dodgers for the three top seven at Dodger Stadium PK Hernandez a two run Homer that tied the game but the Diamondbacks went back to head in the fifth it is still forty three Arizona ray as it's a ground ball up the middle pass the driver of Solano basis run for the second will stop there ground balls we also do a defender it could have been too quick outs instead this is too on nobody out for the first time Hey Jay it's reliever is gonna start to get loose so for the first time tonight it's update time on your giants relievers sponsored by bio freeze the fast acting powerful pain relief the giants use to feel no limits its radius Morante who's been the guy Bruce pochi likes to use in an existing inning when there's a rally going more Ansett has done a good job inheriting base runners because he's going to come out and talk in this is mostly now I think just to stall for some time give me a breather maybe embed Posey and the one thing about buster we've seen it in this game we see it over and over again where Posey is so good at ease ease like an extra pitching coach he can help a pitcher with his mechanics he can to help with the psychology of pitching the strategy of pitching opposing we'll play that role on the field of an extra pitching coach in this instance maybe had something to say to V. but maybe also just by a little extra time for more on to two on nobody out seven one giants Naylor takes a strike good fastball its own one mailer swings and misses change job going to he said some really good action on that change up tonight head of Naylor nobles and two strikes Naylor is grounded out twice transfiguration ball here and take their chances maybe to try to turn a double play use the O. two Naylor takes high ninety four mile an hour fastball not a bad to pitch Naylor is a very free swinger doesn't take a lot of walks he's got a lot of power season high fastball sets about a change of wanted.

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