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And it hasn't worked for the broncos there's not gonna be a bolt future bowl owner for the probably somebody new from the outside and that's a coin flip right you either get a bone or a dance night or you don't know so Which billionaire can outbid them. We don't know but the conference are going to take sterling walker month. We'll be the ones that take for. Dick montfort Again it's worked in some places like pittsburgh it's worked great. It hasn't worked in other places so remains to be seen. But yeah there is. There are definitely some parallels between the two offices. Now a good thing for the rockies and and certainly gonna walker montfort is that they can't go anywhere but up why i again. I think those two kids two young men are working in working their way up through the bottom of the organization ryan baseball. I think they'll they'll bring some fresh ideas. When whatever their time comes they'll bring a different perspective indicative. Dick dick is brought this meat packing plant. Small business mindset to run in the rockies where he doesn't want outside influences he wants to he wants it all internal. I my gut. Is that the. The younger conference will look at things a little bit differently. Just like no. That'll be interesting. That'll be interesting as well Last thing that i want to get to here today mark We've talked a little bit about the disrespect of nicoli yokich. But i mean it just continues to go on. You had mike wilpon on. Espn column jovovich. And and just day. I don't understand disrespect. This has got to be a little bit of fuel for the nuggets. Their season gets underway. Tonight well fuel the nuggets will feel nicola. I mean he doesn't need it right. He had a monster. She's not sure. I don't know if he can duplicate that. It was so great last year. But he can't do it by itself and somebody's gonna have to step up. Maybe it's the the young kid bones highland. Maybe he's the guy to step in. And fill in for jim moret. He's all the confidence swagger if he's the one to step in and really performed for the nuggets Michael porter jr. we you know. Hopefully he can he us to grow and get better and better More physical take advantage of his size advantage against most of the guys he plays against So somebody else has to step up. They're not going to advance to the to the conference finals of nba finals. You know one man band And jamal where he's not coming back until february. And who knows how well he'll be back when he comes back in february so Somebody's gonna step up and they you know it'd be nice if nuggets could have multiple all stars and they all gave me february. That wouldn't one won't be jamal. Obviously so they have nicole and somebody else. I think actually start ironically acount individual. We'll get more respect when the team does better and more people around him. will happen. I mean i mean. I you can't look at any promotional thing for the nba. Right now. you'll get just part of not anything. I mean from print posters to discussion to video to commercials that big commercially. He's not anywhere. Nowhere to be seen. And i think that speaks more about denver does about him they just not an afterthought the team has to change that..

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