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So it's literally is I mean, you can't really manufacturer max squat more properly than that. Right. So you push his can it's like pushing into a wall because it's not going anywhere. And then you jump right out of that. And you do some we call them up with hoops where you go you go around and your head and body shots shadowboxing body shots, and you're in really low stats following him around. It's just part of conditioning, sir. Circuit. But he like I said, he's super creative. And the guy there's not anyone around here that knows more than him. So he's going to watch. I love watching these Matt scientists strength conditioning guys. It's incredible to watch. So I look forward to seeing how that translates to your performance. Let me ask you one more thing about the relative anonymity. You know, what's another thing? That cursed me now that we're talking is. You know, a lot of the guys who are chip prospects. They're out of ATT they're out of aka the route of these Jackson camps. And there's nothing wrong with that. Right. As you would notice that works for you, do it. But what you're doing in Long Island is working for you as well. It's just that in the media. We don't have a lot of your teammates telling us like have you tried to aka Daniel cormier will tell us a bunch of things. Cain velasquez? We'll tell us a bunch of. I think that might have an effect to Gregor. Maybe I don't need. I don't need pats on the back. I don't need people shout. My name out. I get my hand raised. That's enough. For me. I get a hug from my brother and sister. I go home. And I see my mom and dad Keith gives me a Hauge fide do. Well. No other us. Okay. My buddy man is bringing. Does pumped back. But if no, you know. Get a hugging. The hug and kiss from all my family and friends and fishing with my buddies on the boat, and that's all I need. I don't need. I don't need people. Tell them. I know that I'm, you know, my main training partner. Andrea Harrison, he's a great competed in that he's really good..

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