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And camp black, even though they're paying their left guard like 50 million a year. They give them that deal. $20 million a year. He's a guard and he's great. And he's like, great humanitarian. And he's like, the cold sky and Quentin Nelson's great, but he's not touching the ball a single play to pay an offensive guard that money. You better feel confident that you've got other guys and I don't know who plays wide receiver for the colts. This pitman had a decent year last year. He's heard the dueling Alec pierce as a rookie. None of these guys are on the field, and then we get to the old game, Matt. Yeah, and you get to the games and you're like, all right, Matt Ryan, go and lead us with throwing the ball to we don't know who to pour us offensive line. And every year, we are like the cult of the team coming in and they got this new quarterback. And Jim irsay, we know how he handled Carson Wentz. He's been tweeting up a storm about how much he loves Matt Ryan. Well, I'm curious to see, let's check in on that one. They look bad in Tennessee looks worse. The most alarming thing for Tennessee for me. And he broke his foot last year. He looks slow in the playoffs. There was a lot of evidence against him. Maybe ever getting back to the forum he had the curse of three 70, all that stuff. And then I think he's looked Derek Henry's really slow. And for him in the first two games, have not seen the same kind of invisible big boy stuff from him. They have no scope position, guys. The Tannehill thing now you have Malik Willis, his breasts on Tannehill's neck now. Yes, come on. It's a logical. Pinned against his back or anything. What are you talking about? What's on my neck? It's nothing that Malik Willis has done to increase his odds is just how bad Tannehill's been. And then it's a logical conclusion. You reveal yourself. If Tannehill can't get the job done and you took a recorder back in the third round, eventually ten years in the final year of his contract, it's like, all right, we have no other choice. Can't help but terrible. Well, he's think of it. He's like, you want to give him a really nice car that's decked out. And he could drive it fine. But if you're giving him a banged up car

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