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I I will get absolutely no praise from anybody on the left for this. The caricature of is Mark Belling is gonna rip any liberal for anything. They ever do it. He'll defend any conservative anytime that they do anything. Whereas those of you who listen to the program are aware that not only is that not the case. Some of you think I do go to soft in cases like this forty five. I'm just telling you, I got to sit here, and defend what it is that I say on this show and the only position I can take that I can defend it feel comfortable with is the one that I have even if some people think. I am getting adult. Three northbound before capitol drive, a rollover accident Brie with me on this. Do you know, I do agree with you? Yeah. No. I I believe that you have to look at these things as what would you do if it was on your side, and you have to be consistent on that. But yeah. But if it was a Republican that did it she'd she'd be destroyed. No, I'm saying, you know, your think what I do. Yeah. In other words, you're saying I would offer the same commented defending a Republican who had this sort of thing. So that's what I have to do on the other side. The the point is is that it's smooth because the Republican. No, you're right. In the first place because the left does there's no way anyone on the left in the state of Wisconsin would give the take that I gave here with regard to a democrat. And again, I stream Lee mixed views on this in terms of a politician running for office. That's a different thing because those people make policy and make determinations. This woman any decision. She makes is made because Tony Abrahams is the governor whatever lefty way, she runs her agency another left. He's going to be running the agency that's in there. So in terms of power and control of anything that matters. That's not the or for example, a judge is going to rule forever and ever and ever. It is going to be on there iversons if she doesn't get the job Iverson's going to replace it with some other lefty that's out there without regard to this action that occurred, and I think you have to weigh that into the long term consequences of deciding whether or not you're going to allow the class, the constant liberal, double standards to remain in place. And I admit here, I'm holding a liberal to a lower standard than any conservative would ever be held to if something like this. Came up Brett Cavanaugh that he poked a kid in the hand with a pen forty million years ago. I I mean, they'd be they'd be hauling him off. And I'm not comparing the US supreme court with a cabinet position. But we know what the standard would be. And we know how the double standard is applied. And we know that lefties use any type of accusation is a way of destroying people. And I just think that this one isn't sufficient to apply that standard, and I'm not saying she should get a pass. I'm saying that if this is all they have they ought to confirm. That's what I believe high forty three northbound.

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