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But other than that, any other cooler, weird animal sightings that you've had. 1 802 83101.54 18, New Jersey Fast traffic. Right. Things were getting better. And Morristown along to 37 sounds that exit 36 lot. They had avenue there was a crash in that ramp past now been cleared out of the way. This report responsible. I N J. M insurance group and JM insurance has been ranked number one in the nation and customer satisfaction with the auto insurance claims experience, according to J. D. Power visit in J m dot com For your free quote today N j m dot com 27 North, a crash that exit too. That's also been cleared, so we're all better on 27 for the most part, looking pretty good. Along the New jersey turned by Garden State Parkway, US all and pretty good shape and rid 18 south of Route 34 cold snap that off ramp is closed with construction work. 36 has been reopened in Union Beach down wires out of the way service still suspended in NJ Transit trains. Notable exceptions, though the Northeast Carter, North Jersey coastline and Raritan Valley Line Path is back up and running newer to journal Square, But on a 30 minute schedule, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North Till my red New Jersey traffic south. We'll back up as you take the right in east Windsor on 1 30 South bound approaching 1 33. It looks like there's a minor accident that was being tended to, and it's a little delayed at 1 33 just exiting heard 5 71 on the turnpike North bound truck lanes north of Exit seven. A. The left wing closed off with some repair work, and in South Jersey, a Tu 95 south found Exit seven is blocked off. With an accident investigation happening any Jersey fast. Traffic is every 15 minutes. Next report to add 4 33 on New Jersey when a 1.5 If you have a pet, and you want to save some bucks, here's what you do. Check out NJ pet supply dot com A local New Jersey family owned.

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