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The Kirby Smart report is on the way in just a minute. And today why the coach says Beating the virus might be the most important key to beating the 10 SEC teams on the field this year Countdown to kickoff. 18 days before the opener September 26th at Arkansas here on WSB NFL. The Falcons released their first death chart of the season with James Carpenter starting at left guard. After rookie Matt Hennessy gets hurt late in Camp Diamante. Casey will be the third starting safety while Hombres aqui this will be the kick returner. He's an open Sunday at home against the Seahawks baseball bracelets the Marlins tonight after failing to come back against the fish yesterday five for Atlanta. Still, he's the East by two games. Carl right gets to start this evening. Top of former brought you by bulls and Bears, of course, is Dustin Johnson, who takes his first tour championship by three shots over Xander Softly and Justin Thomas Johnson finishes of 21 under for his third win since covert and his first that extra time over some playing very well now, but Like I said, I feel like I can play better than we'll find out if that's true when the U. S open starts in less than two weeks. That Coach Kirby Smart report presented on WSB by Delta Keep climbing Coach, You're facing a 10 game SEC schedule. Eight games in the SEC is challenging enough. What will tend what will be the difference for 10 and What's going to make a difference on who comes out ahead at the end? Well, probably who manages it. Best who handles covered the best will be a leader in the hat in the clubhouse, the gas and stay injury free. And if you khun Keep your depth chart in place and play well, week to week is gonna be tough because nobody's ever really seen this 10 game gauntlets staring down an SEC championship on top of it, So ah, Lot of it's going to be kind of how the the cove it goes. You know, when you're playing the SEC, it's the best of the best each and every week. It's going to be physical. I mean, there's no doubt about it. You're gonna have to have that depth, as you mentioned is going to be critical will be supercritical more than ever, because you know you're without a couple players to the injury. Now you get a covert outbreak, or maybe a kid gets a contact. Trace. Next thing you know, you don't have anybody in a position and this is where death is going to show up the most. Here we go. Thanks, Coach. Thanks, Jack. 18 days, the University of Georgia football kicks off on governor USB at Arkansas. I'm Scott's later top stories. Two minutes away. The metro Atlantic campuses that reopening for learning today nobody Westby views time is 7 28. Delta. We fly to 300 cities around the world. That's 300 cities where everyone does the same things you do. That's 300 cities where the people in those 300 cities think they're the only ones who know about that. One place 300 cities where people missed someone in one of our other 299 6 300 cities where people sing in the car or the shower or both for me. Delta isn't flying to 300 cities merely to bring us together, but to show us we're not that far apart in the first place Delta proud to be the official airline of the University of Georgia Athletics..

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