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Rocking with his and you got you got you the mothers who were probably we need to talk to them even more. So there there with you, right? Yeah. They're on the line right now. All right, so coming up next, we're gonna do, uh, the kid quiz and we're gonna talk to the mamas that he's 27 kids is going up right here. Five or six. Baby I only and there is no doubt guano, Mary. I am in my gang. I was having a day or day and why they make I get a very good dwelling Me. Where a then or some ladies and Jon Snow, the product, man. Anywhere I pull up. I know that you're showing up at the place Can no business extend blowed up. I'm acting grown up activity activity wherever they end up here today you don't miss me. You miss accesses 70 playing the victim rolling down. You're really selling it because why you only hear me when you're drunk goal in the club closed And you went about the front, though this is just finding no, it isn't even fun, though. Baby, I'm from Cali and you know they raised me Cut, though. Why you only hear me when you're drunk. Go when the club closed and you went about the front door. This was just finding out what isn't even fun, though, baby. I'm from Cali and you know, they raised me Cut the baby. He's a credible or is he doomed? Indeed. I don't know to read the Lubango. There's a demo dog dog. I'm missing me moment. No matter my journals. All of my God got about a good but I mean,.

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