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And and so um but but the the one bottom line of defense is that they love to compete they were really tough they took uh really hard coaching and they got better and better and better sues one on it and um you know i really uh i really felt like uh that was the and and and the other thing about that offense of lineup john jansen was as good a leader as i've ever been around i'm going in and and this is you know over a span of thirty five years or coach and you got a guy like john janssen you know that every once in the saint h do it the right way and in um he was he was fabulous because uh you know uh he set the pace for everybody else and when you had a a leader like that then um you know you had a chance yeah john's good very vocal and he he he didn't do a lot of unnecessary talking but he did a lot of necessary talking which is what we need now and he was a guy like savings other he definitely no desk it was right to vote him as the captain that year you know so but you got john and yet for the offense yet island and and these guys just really came together that you here as an offensive line coach of course you're trying to teach the guy that the most basic levels to block and to move your feet but his bigger than add on the cali on the collegiate level uh you know what what are you looking for first of all in an offense of lime and i've heard people talk about you wanna got in a different the different things that you want out of a guy but as an office of line coach yourself what are you looking for what are you looking for as you recruiting a guy that you're trying to bring in here right right well you know you have to have some some certain uh uh size requirements that you're looking for in and uh athletic ability that you're looking for in a in a big man boat really you cannot be a great offense of lima unless you've got great toughness and you're a smart football player if if if things are confusing you and you don't understand schemes and can't see the big picture you can't compete on a on.

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