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Political class that's perhaps still smarting from its collective come up and say after the two thousand sixteen election of trump um we have assisting in the opining an analyzing burnt becker attacks reporter for politico pro he previously cover taxes with the hill another find publication and was an editorial assistant for the new york times the famous grey lady bernie backer good to have you back i worry today anchor haven't been all pleasure pleasure well we first listening in those clips to araneta cnn talking with kevin hassid whose chairman of the council of economic advisers ali were chatting about at lowly senator marco rubio of florida saying he wouldn't vote for the tax bill was the tax so the child tax credit is expanded hassett again of the council of economic advisors says he expects the senate will work something out and that he doesn't think rubio's gonna wind up really delaying the bill aaron asks of hass it would b o k with the child tax credit being expanded and has it thinks it's actually quite find where it is after that you heard on nbc's today with savannah guthrie in a report by kristen welker said a rubio himself saying that he's not going to vote for the tax bill unless they can add to the 1100 child tax credit figure and then after that you hear rob present trump himself saying he thinks ruby is gonna come along and support the tax bill now i recently had on joseph williams uh this to be just give full disclosure here he of course the senate leadership reporter at roll call um and he mentions that eat there's there's been some activity since this latest reporting he believes that the housesenate conference committee has moved sort of in the.

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